Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stretch Choker

What a lovely neck, don't you think? lol. This is my oldest daughter Emma-Jeanne. She is modeling this choker for me so I could get a decent picture and really show you what it looks like. It really suits her. :)
I used three rectangular red glass beads as the focal point, silver spacers at the edges and black glass seed beads in between. I did this on two strands of stretch magic so that I could make it stronger and so I could make it wider by expanding it after the focal point. I did this simply by putting beads on each of the strands and combining the strands again through one row before the toggle.

I used more of the black seed beads and pewter spacers, and added some larger clear and black glass beads. I put a toggle clasp at the back to make it easy to put on but the stretch magic was to make it more comfortable.

Let me know what you think!!


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Ruralrose said...

This is brilliant - i have always wanted to do a stretch choker but didn't put this together in my mind - you definately have a way with colour too - peace