Friday, September 18, 2015

Creative Actions!

 It has seemed for awhile now, that if there is any possibility of turmoil in my life, there will be. I really try to look at the good and stay positive, but sometimes things are just so hard, that the good eludes me and leaves me sad and depressed. So in these times of stormy seas, I try to create to keep myself from drowning.
 I am working on an order for Emporium of impossible things. I am really pleased with the results of the pieces I am putting together so far, but it doesn't seem to be going quite as quickly as I would like. I have so much going on it's hard to keep my head above water.
 I have been dabbling in paints on canvas for a couple months now. I find it relaxing. I am really just a beginner but I've made a few fun pieces that I am sharing in this post. The one above was really my first. It has a lot of texture which I love.
 I have been working on the odd piece of furniture as well. I am hoping to sell some of these soon. I love how this little desk turned out. I even found some mercury glass knobs to accent it. I will post my other pieces of furniture when they are done. I am working on two chairs and two side tables. I just wish I had more time.
These are a trio of small canvases that I thought would be fun. I colour blended paint in the background and added stenciled baroque fleur de lis with spackle on the top. I want to try this in blue as well. I have some other ideas I want to try and I have about 3 more canvases on the go.
 This is a much larger canvas and I blended the paint to look somewhat like the water in a Monet painting. It's just relaxing. I'm debating on trying to sell it and hanging it on my wall.
 I am finishing this post with these earrings that I am totally in love with. I know I need to sell them but I really just want to keep them for myself. lol! If you are looking to purchase any of my designs, contact me on Facebook, I no longer have a website or Etsy shops. I don't currently have the money to restart my website, but I hope to in the future.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

It's been awhile...

I guess I kind of vanished for, well, over a year! It's hard when you get stuck in a rut and can't climb your way out. Sometimes you just need to step back and let time do what time needs to do.
I have finally found myself creating again, I just need to grasp inspiration when and where I can find it.
So this morning while perusing Facebook, I came across my friend Staci's post about a tutorial she posted. I was curious to see what it was so I went and looked at the post. I have always admired Staci's eclectic/tribal style. Fun bold pieces that always catch the eye. She posted the tutorial on the Love My Art Jewelry page on Facebook. I hope you will take a moment to go and like the page.
 Staci shows in her tutorial how to use the fibers and wrap them, as well as showing what she wrapped to start off the necklace. I have wrapped fiber, cording and leather before, but I wanted to try something in a similar style as Staci's. I still wanted it to look mostly like me. I think I achieved what I was going for.
 The biggest difference with my piece is that instead of adding two sides of sari/ribbon I did one long piece in the back that hooks onto the side. I like that this made it a tad easier to make and I love the feel on the back of my neck. It's softer and more comfortable.
 I used a Sugar skull pendant by my dear friend Gaea and an awesome ammonite piece by my birthday sister Diana. Those were what I started with. I added some amazing lampwork disc beads by the ever talented Donna. I have been hoarding these for quite awhile. I used one of my own organic attempts at lampworking, and I find it fits in quite nicely! I chose a silk sari and a sort of silky ribbon that my sweet friend Marsha sent me when I was sick.
I wrapped everything in black annealed steel wire which I need to seal with my missing renaissance wax!! Oh where oh where could you be!?!?
 I purposely wrapped the wire very organically. I wanted the piece to look rustic and earthy. I'm so thankful for all my wonderful Art bead and Facebook friends. Thank you for your support, inspiration and friendship.
Thanks for visiting!!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

I'm back!

I think I am finally back! I am feeling good about working again and creating is becoming easier. I just wish I had more time. There never seems to be enough of it!
I am trying to be better organized but with everything I have going on it's been the most challenging thing of all. I have to admit I am an utter failure at shipping. I try to get things out in a timely manner but with the sheer amount of things on my plate it's incredibly difficult. 

I need to find a couple more hours in the day maybe... At least there is a 5 day weekend creeping up on us, where kids stay home so I can't work since I need to stay home with them. Perhaps some miracles will happen in the studio those few days. Either that or I may have to actually pay attention to my children and the state of this house... Balance and do both? Good idea!

My creative juices are flowing and I am dying to share some of these with you! So enjoy the jewelry pictured here, if I am lucky there will be another post this weekend with more pretty pictures! Lol!

A lot of the items pictured here are newly listed in my Etsy shop, so please head over and have a look. The link is on the side bar. Hard to do a post link as I am writing this from my phone. Still working, even in bed ;)

Did I mention I also have new pendants listed? You can find those in my supply shop. I have a bunch more to add to the lot, so keep your eyes peeled.

So much to do and so little time! I guess I better get out of bed and get to it!!
Thanks for stopping by


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pinterest, Art Bead Scene and me!

Image from Tesori Trovati and Erin Prais-Hintz
I was chatting with my good friend Heather of Humblebeads, creator of the Art Bead Scene. Heather has been amazingly patient with me in the last year keeping me on as a contributor even though I did very little contributing. Well that is about to change! Heather asked me the be the Pinterest administrator for the Art Bead Scene! What an amazing opportunity! I am a total Pinterest addict and I think Heather knows it, so I really feel I am a perfect fit!
Image from Humblebeads and Heather Powers
So I dove in feet first and started rocking the Pinterest boards! Woo! Having a blast! I have a really hard time sleeping so I took up pinning as my "what else am I going to do" treat ;)
Now I can pin with a purpose!
As a pinner I personally have over 5500 followers, 96 boards and over 14,000 pins! I was made for this job! lol
Textile Design for Cretonne, 1928? 
by Lois Mailou Jones
Tempera on Paper
To start things off my duties for the ABS Boards starts with the Monthly challenge! Above is this month's inspiration art piece. You can find the Pinterest Board HERE to see what we have so far... 
Next I created a board to promote our monthly sponsors. Here is our SPONSOR BOARD. I hope you follow the ABS or the individual boards.
My next duty as you leader, I mean as the Admin, is to create inspiration boards. I will then create a post for the ABS blog to highlight the board. So my first one is BIRDS OF INSPIRATION. Many of us pull our inspiration from nature, so what better place to start than with birds. They are one of my favorite things, with their bright plumage and the variety of shapes and sizes they come in. I understand of course that they are not everyone's favourites, so look for future boards that I will be creating over the next year.
So I leave you with these words and hope to see you repining our inspiration to your own boards :)
The duties for the ABS Challenge board on Pinterest will actually be shared between Kaushambi and myself :)

Friday, January 3, 2014


I was sitting here remembering some of the things that made me the happiest. I feel like it has been too long since I have done anything for my business so I am here reminding myself and maybe some of you out there in cyberland that I did some noteworthy things and that I really need to start again. It's really me that needs the reminder. I have gotten some lovely emails from people out there telling me how much they miss seeing my new pieces and how they hope I will get back to it again.
I am still here, I have not forgotten how my hands work, I just need them to feel inspired. I felt a touch of inspiration over Christmas, I made some nice things for people on my Christmas list. It felt good. I ran out of time to take pictures of course, I am still not set up to tale any really. I moved my studio again. I was a little scattered around the house and now I am almost done organizing my new space. It is coming, the return to creativity. I want to get my hands dirty so to speak ;) I am almost ready. I have less pain in my hands now and I hope it stays away. I have to start back slow.
I have posted a couple pictures that I was able to pull up from the internet. I never did recover anything from my computer, so I lost all my pictures. I am moving on from that, I have a new year ahead of me to make new things and take new pictures.
I am realizing that this post is pretty random and somewhat depressing. Ugh! I need something fun to happen! lol Maybe I will start submitting to publications again... I miss getting the emails saying something was accepted. It has been so long! I remember the exhilaration it gave me!
So what is next? I don't really have a plan. I think I will just see where creation takes me. I do have some pendants started...maybe I will start by finishing those...

See you soon!


Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Little Dresser Love!!

I have been slowly changing out all the crappy Ikea dressers that have fallen apart in our house over the last few years. I am finding that if I buy something old, it tends to be longer lasting and better made. So off I have gone scrounging the thrift shops and flea markets. Well a couple months ago I found...
Nothing too special other than the fact that it's funky vintage. I especially live that I paid about $10 for it! I wanted to do a plain white "chalk paint" look since it was going in my little girl's room. I am not 100% sure that I won't distress it a little bit, but for now I am happy with the way it looks. It is very shabby chic and Evie is thrilled!!
I am thinking for now that I will leave it this way and wait until inspiration strikes again. I think I may have to do her little night stand to match... It's the only brown thing in the room!
Here is a close up of the top drawer detail.
Kind of a sweet vintage touch. I like that this dresser does not need handles. Although hardware is never a problem for me to change out, I love the smooth fronts on the drawers.

So this project required a touch of sanding, a little scuffing to allow the paint to have a better grip. Once I cleaned off all traces of dust from sanding, I started layering thin coats of flat white spray paint. I must have done about 6 coats. Flat white paint had a tendency to have shadows, so you will need more coats. Do them thin and do more of them, this will help you avoid runs and will give you a nicer finish. Once everything was dry I did wax the runners do the drawers would move more smoothly.
That's it! Took a few hours and we are done!
Hope you share your projects with me 


Monday, September 9, 2013

M.I.A but not really

Too much going on as always. Sometimes I long for a quiet peaceful life and sometimes I crave the hectic one I already have. I like being busy, just not to the point where there is no room to fit in creating and the things I enjoy become a burden or a stress.
Having said that, I announced on Facebook last night that I need a little time off and a little time to regroup and reevaluate. So, the first thing to go is Etsy for the time being. That has been my biggest stress. No time to create, photograph or list and if by some miracle I managed to sell something then when the heck do I ship it!! Too much!
So, I'm not sure where all this is going. I know I will sell off some of my stuff and at least keep my favourite stuff to create for my wholesale accounts. I don't want to quit altogether, I just need to see what I need to keep and what I need to let go.
I have been doing some creative stuff. Working on fixing up some older furniture and reselling it.
This is the piece I started with. Bought it secondhand, made it a little more sturdy, sanded the top and stained it dark. I love dark stain! I wanted to do something different with the legs, so I covered the top and spray painted them ivory. It took about three coats to get it just right. Once the last coat had dried for about an hour, I added a coat of stain and wiped it off. The stain mixed a little with the paint because it was not 100% dry. It gave the legs a really antiqued look. I spattered a little stain on the legs to make it look even more rustic. I just love how it looks finished!
I added three coats of poly to the top so far and two to the base. It needs just one more on the top. Love it!! This one is pre sold already so I may have to make myself another ;)
Right now I have about a half dozen pieces waiting in the garage for just the same treatment so hopefully the weather holds so I can do a bit more.
Keep stopping in, I'm not completely gone, just taking a short break. I will hopefully be able to share a few more fun projects or experiences soon...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A little Znet Shows Style!!

Sometimes I just feel so darn lucky!! This is one of those times. I was contacted by Znet Shows about making some samples! How fun! I have been buying from these guys for at least two years and just love their products and prices! I never have trouble finding enough stuff to reach the wholesale minimum! lol
 I received a lovely little box full of treasures the day before I left to visit Heather Powers in MI. So, I packed up the treasures and took them with me!! lol
 So while I was at Heather's I created this necklace and thus discovered my love for Annealed steel wire!! Where have you been all my life!!! I used the starfish and clear crystals from Znet and transformed them into this!
 I then decided to gift this to my sweet surrogate niece Hannah <3 Love those two girls!!
 I also fell in love with making clasps out of the steel wire. OMGosh!! New love!! Made a bunch more after getting home. Did not know where I could find this wire before I left MI so I stocked up from at least 3 shops while down there! What a trip right Heather? I plumb tuckered her out, thanks Roseanne for driving us around! lol
 Everything else I made when I got back. The peanut beads were a gift from Heather, she had a ton and did not care for the colour. <3 What a great friend!! Our theme might be said to be "One man's trash is another man's treasure" ;)
 I made a series of these bracelets. I used buttons for the clasps, got those in MI too. All the crystals in these are from Znet Shows whether they came in the sample box or not.
 Love these dark blue ones! They went perfectly with these funky lampwork I got ages ago. {Trying to use some of my older stash before it really gets out of hand! Oh wait! Too late!}
 More of the Annealed Steel wire mixed with Znet's amazing dark blue round crystals and one of the faux seaglass beads I have come to depend on! This has been sealed with Ren Wax to keep the patina of the wire.
 I am certainly putting these peanut beads to good use! lol! This bracelet is very delicate and feminine. These are a great seller for me at my shows. Looking forward to seeing these fly off my table at the next market!
I did make a few simple earrings with these frosted dangles, I have some more complex ones I am thinking up for later.
I love that they sent me a few pairs. I still have so much to work with! So much fun!!
This one has a whole series of Znet starfish! I just had to put them together and they stand out so well! I used one of the starfish as a clasp, they are almost like a shank button at the back, making them easy to use this way.
These are my favourite of the earrings I made. I used the discs and added some simple seashell charms over them. They are delicate and sweet!
This is one of two strung necklaces I created. I really love these!! I used the seaglass and a Conch shell and used one of the funky lampwork beads in the center to bring the green and blue together. More annealed steel for the side clasp and a nice secure end for the peanut seed beads to attach to.
If you have stayed with me to the end, Thank you! I know it is a long post, but I hope you have gotten some inspiration from it all.
This last necklace I used another shell for the pendant and wire wrapped a mix of crystals and seaglass with another focal lampwork. The little chain of pearls is also from Znet Shows. Loved this one so much I gave it to my wonderful mother in law to thank her for being there for me and my family throughout this last difficult year. She has really pretty blue eyes and this necklace just looked wonderful on her!!
So last but not least, I created a simple blue linked bracelet with these frosted oval rings and wore some chain through it. I added a dangle from a short length of chain for fun.

So make sure you check out Znet Shows for a wonderful selection and pricing! You won't be sorry! I have tons of their beads and I use them in so many things! You won't be sorry!