Monday, May 9, 2011

Fantastic Market lots of sales!!

 The Okotoks Market went fabulously well! I felt very Welcome by this wonderful little community and I can't wait to come again in June and July! The people were friendly and loved my jewelry I left there feeling like I had accomplished something!
 These are pictures of some of the pieces that went to new homes. Just thrilled with each and every sale! I even managed to do amazingly well even without my debit machine! A lot of the pieces purchased were for Mother's Day. Some bought by moms and others bought for moms.
 I can't wait to see if they return for more next month! 
I will be working on building my inventory back up with some of the same styled pieces that sold. I will also try to have a better set up to display everything, I had a little trouble with my earring stand and the breeze, but I will work it out.
 We ran into some extended family while we were out there. That was quite lovely! We had a nice time chatting with them. I also made a few new friends!
The next time I go I hope to be able to meet a few shop owners and maybe get a retail contract or two. I am still looking for a local shop to carry my stuff.
My "French Boudoir" piece was one of the first to sell and the lovely lady that bought it was smiling ear to ear! Must have been her Mother's day gift! Maybe she will bring friends to the market in June!!

Have a wonderful Week Everyone!!



Anonymous said...

SO glad you had a successful day! Makes the hard work worth it! The pieces you have shown are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

The above msg is from me Marie! I forgot to give my name! =/
Lisa S

Donna B. said...

Such good news, Marie! Your work is so beautiful - I knew you would do well! Congratulations!

Martha said...

I'm so glad your show went so well!!! It always feels good to know that people love what you create.

Anonymous said...

I know that felt great.... Isnt it awesome.... when things go right!
I hope JUNE and JULY is even more successful!
Have a fantastic day!

Lori's Glassworks said...

I love your French Boudoir necklace, it's so pretty! It's no wonder it was the first to sell.....lovely. Cheers!
Lori D.

Esther said...

Congrats Marie!! it's what i prefer, see the people who buy my jewels, a beautiful feeling.. be careful.. you could be addicted!!

JeannieK said...

That's great news.