Friday, July 1, 2011

New pendants with Calico Collage, a show and even some jewelry!!

 I have been trying out some new images that I am very happy with :) I have been looking for some new clock images that would really speak to me and I was lucky enough to meet a lovely lady named Ella, that was willing to work with me on some custom sheets!

Ella is also known as Calico Collage. She has a fun unique style and is so full of energy and spunk! Just my kind of girl! These sheets will be listed in her shop on Monday, for anyone who is interested. They are not available yet, so keep an eye out for 6 new sheets of clocks, maybe more on Monday Morning West Coast time...
The top one is 1inch circles, and has a mix from two different sheets. The second are 1.5 inch circles, perfect for a pendant! There are 4 different sheets of these ones. I think Ella mentioned that she was working on some other sizes too, so keep an eye out ;)

Some of these pieces have already sold but please keep an eye out after the weekend for me to start listing them in my Etsy shop, More Skye Jewels!!
These are by another artist, but I wanted to include them because I love them so much! I love the colour and texture in these. Photos do not do them justice!!

On another note, I was able to find a few minutes to create something new in the last couple of weeks. I am a little overwhelmed by everything that has been going on and keep hoping that someone will offer their services as my assistant in exchange for jewelry! lol Alas no one has offered yet, that lives close enough to actually be able to do it! It was fun to read the comments of those interested though ;)

This necklace is Vintaj, with a mix of other lovelies! It has a very beachy feel and is summery and fun!
Also made with Vintaj, I love the focal bead and this one sits just right on my neck, might keep it, but I have not decided yet! lol

Fallen Angel Brass, Hollow beads...
More Fallen Angel Brass with Hollow beads...
You will be seeing more of these coming out, I am making them a permanent part of my collection. They will all be a little different, just to keep them interesting, but in general they will be pretty much like these two pairs...
Fallen Angel Brass has really grown on me, I am loving it more and more. I think it's the fact that it is so dark. Makes my designs rich and different!
And for the last pair, more Fallen Angel Brass with a touch of French Class! I can't wait to get more!! So fun to play with!!

So please forgive my absence, I will try to stop in more often, it has just been a crazy week/month lol

Come again soon for more fun Calico Collage pendants!!


Please join me this Saturday in Okotoks for a fun outdoor market! Lots of amazing vendors, fun for the kids and Live Music!!
I will be there with Scentsy and you really don't want to miss it!! See you there!!

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Gardanne said...

Thanks for the tip, I am doing more resin so I am always on the lookout for new images.