Friday, October 28, 2011

LAST DAY for the sale and giveaway!!

Last day to Shop the sale!! Last day to be entered into the giveaway!! Don't miss your chance to win over $400 in prizes!!
Go to the original post and follow the instructions to be entered into the draw!! 

If you are local come and see me at the BEYOND Marketplace starting 2pm today... Don't forget to bring the coupon from the post below!!

Tuesday Morning we have another fun sale coming so keep your eyes open for it... This one will include my jewelry shop!
For more info go have a look HERE and see what will be going on!

See you soon!



Beads2Die4 said...

Ok, published on my blog and comment left on original post, and following your blog, all the other blogs, and left comments as well as your FB page. All that is left is my FB page which I will do later and come back and tell you. No twitter account so 9 outta 10 ain't bad. I love this idea and would love to contribute in future events.

Beads2Die4 said...

I have now posted on my facebook. Was having some technical difficulties - IT gremlins but at least I beat the clock.
Terri Wlaschin