Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lots going on!!

Believe me! It's lack of desire that keeps me away, it's always lack of time! Soooo much going on right now and it's truly fantastic!!
I have been working on hard on keeping Earrings Everyday going while Heather Powers was on the amazing Bead Cruise she hosts every year! I have had posts to do for the Art Bead Scene blog. I am getting a bunch of publications ready for Bead Design Studio, so keep an eye out this year for me, I will be popping up in as many places as I can get my little hands on! I am reaching some serious goals already this year and it is certainly keeping me motivated! 
I have so many new things I am working on, but this week I am getting my studio ready for photos! I might have to hire out the photography though, not sure I can pull off taking pics in a small space like that with much success! You will get your first peak into my tiny world on "Studio Saturday" on the ABS Blog on Saturday March 24th so stay tuned for that!! So, for today, go click on the above links, I have posts up on both, leave some comments, because I LOVE reading them and please help me reach my goal of getting to 1000 followers on my blog, by giving me a follow right here, and maybe sharing a post to help me bring in new faces!

Love you all!



TesoriTrovati said...

You sound like you are juggling a lot of similar balls to what I have tossed up! By the way, go see the comment from Shirley on ABS. You may want to comment back to her in an email to clarify art beads and what you can add to your pieces for the ABS challenge.
Enjoy the day!

steufel said...

Busy bee:-)

Donna Bradley said...

Busy, busy, busy! :) I am always amazed with what you accomplish, especially when you have 4 young kids to take care of. You have been doing a fantastic job with your blog posts, and I can't wait to see your new ventures! <3

Anonymous said...

You are inspiring!!