Monday, May 21, 2012

Sharyl's Mini Blog Hop

I was invited to do a mini blog hop by my friend Sharyl so why not! You never know what you might discover! New friend or blog, a new idea... it's all worth it!
Sharyl sent me the beads I used in these creation...

I added the chain, toggle, ear wires and hand forged head pins. I wanted to do something simple and easy to wear. I think this is a fun simple set.

Left a before pic, I needed to add patina to the metal, love my antiqued copper ;) what can I say! I am a vintage girl at heart...

 All lovely Czech glass beads, thanks Sharyl!


Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp 
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Kristi Jaro 

Shirley Moore

Therese Frank

Kashmira Patel 

Sharyl McMillian-Nelson, Host

I hope you take a moment to visit all the other participants, it shouldn't take long, I did mention it was a mini blog hop didn't I?



Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Marie,
I love your beautiful carefree necklace and earrings. I liked them with the bright copper, but love the oxidized copper.

Alice said...

A lovely set. I like how you 'antiqued' the copper chain.

Shirley said...

I like the chain both ways as well. It's so cool to see what other people do with the same items. I love that necklace!!!

Kashmira said...

Wow! What a difference the patina made. Pretty!

Pixiloo said...

I like a vintage copper also and it makes a huge difference in the necklace. I love how you used all the beds as little dangles. It's just lovely and I bet it is great fun to wear.

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

That patina made all the difference! Just lovely. Especially love the earrings - just my style!

Sharyl said...

Marie--I always love your style! My reaction is no different here! Love how you took a few simple beads and turned them into wonderful creations! They are pieces I would love to wear anytime--as in your previous post about earrings--Perfect for Everyday!

I'm glad you left us before and after shots. I love the oxidized copper, but I may be one of the few still absolutely in love with bright copper too! So I loved the jewelry BOTH ways! It was like getting to see 2 totally different creations!

Thank you so much for participating in our mini-hop! (I should have named it that from the start since the # of participants had to be so limited!) Very best wishes!


Ilenia said...

Very nice necklace and lovely to visit the other blogs ^_^

Kristi said...

Love what you did with the beads! I like it both ways, but I love the bright copper!

Heather Goldsmith said...

Very lovely. The colours work so well together and just sings to me. Gorgeous. ;-)

Silver Parrot said...

Just dropped by to say thanks for the shout out in your interview with Staci Louise! It totally made my day!


Lindsay @ Wired WhimZee said...

Wow, what a great set! I love both the patina and the copper.

Thanks for the wonderful blogs to visit!! I am just getting started in the craft of wire wrapping and beading and I am always looking for inspiration and new blogs to visit!!

Lover jewels said...

Very nice necklace.
Very very..........lovely.

Nay Min said...

Very lovely!
This jewels have an obsession for me.
Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!