Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Few New Treasures!

A few new things you will find in my shop that I hope you will enjoy! Not too much to say these days, tired and doing my best to live life to it's fullest! Recovering from Chemo and ready for the next round on Friday! So please enjoy the photos and feel free to visit my shop!!

Pendant by Martha Eason of Menagerie Studio!!

Beautiful blues wrapped in solid copper with Spirited Earth beads!

 Stunning Butterfly Pendant with Solid Copper chain!

 Vintage Key pendant with Lampwork by SueBeads! 

 Stunning green embossed metal earrings with more Sue Beads!

 French Eiffel Tower Necklace with large crystal!!

 Mixed Metal Bird earrings! Super fun! 

There is much more being listed, so please go have a look!
Feel free to leave me a comment or two, I love to read them!



Ninni said...

So very very beautiful all of them! Love the first bracelet and the colors Martha Eason-pendant and the WHOLE necklace itself <3 I do wish you all strength with the upcoming.

Kristen said...

Oh I didn't know! I am sending you all the strength I can and healing thoughts for your next round!
You do indeed create amazing treasures!

Donna Bradley said...

Beautiful, beautiful work as always. I especially love the blue pieces! I'm thinking of you everyday, and continue to keep you in my prayers, but especially this coming Friday. Love you my friend!! <3 <3

SummersStudio said...

Good to see you are able to keep busy and even better to hear that you are recovering well in time for the next cycle. Big hugs.

Kathleen Lange Klik said...

Everything is gorgeous! I am especially in love with the bracelets!

Libellula Jewelry said...

I love the new jewelry--beautiful work!

I'm sending you as many positive vibes as I can muster. Even those of us who don't know you "in real life" are rooting for you :)

Dana Fowler said...

Beautiful work Marie.

Katherine at Terra Beadworks said...

I love your work Marie - it is so inspiring to me. I love the tiles I got from you. I wish you all the best - stay positive and may you continue to recover!

taralinda said...

Your work is always inspiring Miss Marie~ thank you always for that.
I wish you endless healing love & light now.
xox, Tara

Patti Van said...

Your work is sooooo amazing! You not onky choose the perfect beads, but your wire work is perfection! I had to buy the blue one as it was calling my name!!! I hope you can feel my prayers coming your way...'cause I am sending them to you daily. Best of luck tomorrow!

Sharyl said...

As always, love them all Marie! If I HAD to choose a personal favorite, it would be the very first one I think. Just love those colors, beads, and the wirework. I can't even imagine how you get the wire that black, heavy, and flat. (Fire and a heavy hammer? Ha!)

Take care! I'll be thinking of you Friday as always!) --Sharyl

lunedreams said...

Beautiful as always! I especially love the first bracelet--the ethereal colors of the beads are wonderful with the dark copper, and I love the way you do the extra wrapping on the beads. I can't believe how much work you've done while feeling so lousy! I hope it felt good to do!

Celery said...

Sigh. Marie, I love your STUFF! :-) You're such an inspiration -- I always see stuff that I think... I like that... why do I like it? Is it the components that Marie made (LOVE THEM), or is it something about the design... you just make me think and you make my hands itch to just play with my beads. They kind of tell me what they want to be, not to sound all mystical -- I don't have a huge antenna in my back yard, live in a pyramid house, have a tin colander sitting on my head, aluminum foil on my windows, or big crystals sitting around that direct me! Well... wait a second, I do have a lot of crystals waiting for a design... :-0

Seriously, tho, I hate that you're having medical problems. I hope you get better soon or that you soldier through whatever you have to do to get better! I'll name a crystal for you and send prayers through it! LOL! Nah, but I will offer up prayers for you, if you don't mind.

Sherri, aka Magpie Designs, aka Celery.