Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A little Colour and those goals...

After all that dark and almost Gothic steampunk I wanted to give you a little colour! Just earrings today, but they are fun and have some spunk! I did add some more steampunk pieces in my shop though, just in case you loved that style ;) New Earrings, so have a look see.
I love my copper! I have been using it more and more and love the way it takes patina and looks so vintage. Depending on where you get your wire and findings though, they can sometimes give you surprises. That's OK, I take it in stride and leave them for fun!
 I am still a huge fan of Vintaj brass of course, and since I had long ago run out of their ear wires I stocked up at the last sale. I should have enough to last me about a year! Unless my earrings start to sell out faster than intended, which would be OK too.
 I have made some fun eclectic earrings, some more rustic ones and I have tried to have a good amount of colour for every taste!
 I used beautiful beads and charms from some of my favorite bead creators. I mixed polymer and clay, lampwork and whatever your heart desires! I added some of the absolutely Fabulous new bead caps by Vintaj!! Way to go on those! They are fantastic!!
I am filling up my Etsy Shop, to try to achieve those big goals I made for myself. I am still very far away and getting a little nervous I won't be able to get there. Facebook is getting closer, about 80 likes to go. My blog is getting close to the right number too, so keep following! lol
 I need to focus on sales. It is hard to get everything done when I feel so crummy, but I am really trying! Just so much to do! I had an assistant/apprentice but she moved to New Zealand early Nov, so she will be very missed. Not that I had been able to teach her much the last few months. Sweet girl.
So for my Jewelry shop I am still trying to get to 300 sales by the end of the year. I am 63 sales away! Yikes! It seems so far off...
For my Supply shop, I want to get to 2000 so I am 426 away... might not be very realistic. I don't know. I have more product to add, things that are ready to take pics of. I also have a few things I am hoping to work on but can't seem to get the get up and go to start! I need a serious burst of energy and motivation!

So come help me out! Pick up a few things with coupon code GOALS which will save you 20% in both shops. You MUST enter it at check out. Enjoy it while it lasts. Not sure how long I will leave it up.

Thanks for all the support!!



SueBeads said...

GOod luck with your goals, Marie!

Sharyl said...

I always admire your jewelry, Marie! I doubt I'll ever do wire work as well as you do! These earrings are all so much fun. Can't believe you are pumping out the work so quickly while feeling so bad.

You take care. Love seeing your jewelry and hope you meet all those goals!