Saturday, March 30, 2013

Oh Precious time!

I never seem to have enough of it! Time! I have great plans to get things done and get things listed and posting on my blog, but with everything that life brings I am so busy it never seems like there is time to do the things that are important for my family. I have a show next Saturday so I better get things in gear for then. I have plenty of earrings and bookmarks but I need to make necklaces and bracelets
 I have some lovely new things in my shop, even sold a couple of them in March. Sales are way down right now and it's hard to catch up on the bills with all the driving back and forth to the hospital I had to do and the paid parking each day! I hope Saturday in Okotoks will be good for me, I needed to order a few supplies that was out of and it still needs to be paid. Not to whine, I am grateful to be back at it and slowly starting to work. Just need customers! lol
 One thing I am really excited about for this month is the Cover of Bead Trends! Yes, that is my bracelet on the cover. I think I am almost more excited about this one that the first one I got in Aug of 2011. I had some nice things to submit this month for one of the fall issues and I missed the deadline. Just plumb ran out of time after dealing with Easter break and sick kids before that. I need to get back on the ball and get things sent in! Bead Design Studio is another one I have some stuff for. I just want everything to be awesome and I have not created enough that I feel confident about sending in.

Hoping to get more done this week!

Thanks for always stopping by <3



Patti Van said...

Congrats on your Cover! It is gorgeous and I think your work is always stellar! Just so you know, I still keep you in my prayers!

Cherrie Fick of En La Lumie're said...

So happy for your to be on the cover this month. Right after finishing your therapy you needed many things to help you celebrate. I will be including you in my monthly blog post. I will get to it soon. Congratulations and hoping things pick up for all of us. It has been a weird few months. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Hugs.

Sharyl said...

Beautiful work, Marie! Congrats on that cover!

Cece Cormier said...

Congratulations on the cover. Well done.

Broken Wings ® said...

Holy Moly you've done GREAT! Super proud of you!!! KIT xoxo Megs

CraftyHope said...

I absolutely feel your pain about the time issue. I hope the show went well and CONGRATS on making the cover. It's a beautiful bracelet.