Friday, May 10, 2013

Grand Opening of "Home Sweet Home" in Inglewood

Interesting things have been happening at Skye Jewels. I was given a tip about a shop in Inglewood that is having its Grand Opening on Saturday Morning! I called and she only had one other jewelry, so I am taking a chance and setting up! Here is my display.
 I gave them about a third of my inventory, and I am hoping to get a call saying they need more. It's always a lot of competition trying to sell jewelry, as many of you know. However it turns out that after I got to the store, I actually knew Karen, one of the owners! We had done a few shows together and had chatted.
 I wish them well on the Grand Opening!
I hope they do well and have great success the whole year round!

Please stop by and say hello to Karen, her sister or her mom. They have worked very hard to get this ready in just a manner of a few short weeks! Congratulations!!
You will find them at #2-1336 9ave SE
in Calgary Alberta!!

Have a great weekend!



Donna Bradley said...

Congratulations!! Your display looks awesome! Good luck to you and to the owners of the store!

Cheri said...

Display looks great! good Luck!

KJ said...

Looks good. I hope you and the store's customers are well matched.