Saturday, May 23, 2009

"Shell We Dance"

Hey, I never claimed to be good at this naming thing. lol. This is a very rich bracelet. The dark shell beads mixed with dark lampwork beads and silver spacers are an elegant yet rustic combination. I am completely self taught so I am still working on some of my techniques, but every artist learns as they go.

Short and sweet today.



mairedodd said...

it's great the way you picked up the iridescence in the shell and glass... i have now been making jewelry for 10 years - time flies - and am also self-taught... it has been a constant learning process and evolution in style... finding so many great creators on etsy has broadened my horizons and i am really grateful to have tripped into this art community... start a shop - it's easy! thanks for looking at my blog and work... mary jane

stregata said...

Greetings Marie,
Thank you for stopping by and saying hello!
I think you will find the blogging community very supportive.

Silver Parrot said...

I really like this one. Very pretty!