Friday, January 22, 2010

A Fun Night!! Can you guess what I did?

I am sure you can't tell what I got to do last night. Those of you who follow my blog know I don't have my own studio, and that I am just learning how to do this. I spent 3 hours at "Tiffany Glass House" here in Calgary, and got to relax, with no kids and the hum of a fan. Almost nothing could be better :)

So I am experimenting. Not much more I can do, since I have only taken one class. lol. I have to say my favorite results come from swirling and encasing the beads. Fritt is my best friend too, much easier to add than dots or stripes.

I love dark ivory for the centre of the beads. It reacts well with the colours and gives it a old feel, which I love.  Adding the turquoise gives the best reaction of all. It naturally gets a dark edge around it. I tried dots, bubbles, swirling, frit, and encasing. I even tried making nugget like beads with the sides patted down. That was great for the beads that were not turning out quite right. I also tried it on a couple of clear beads which turned out looking a little like ice cubes!!

I tried different colour combos; Ivory with light blue and lime green fritt!! White with light blue and black fritt!! I tried a couple that did not turn out. I had a cosmic something-or-rather which has a redish brown tint and I added turquoise frit. It turned this strange beige-ish colour. There are three of them at the bottom left hand corner of the photo. I need to practice my propane to oxygen ratio to fix that.

All in all, it was a great night!! {and much needed)



Silver Parrot said...

Oooh...looks like you had so much fun! I would sooo love to get more into lampworking and get a studio set up in my garage. Only 11 years to go until the kid is an adult and I can do stuff like that LOL!

SummersStudio said...

This looks like a huge amount of fun!

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

These are great. You are doing great things. The colors are beautiful. Now it's time to turn these into gorgeous pieces to wear.

Cristi - 2 If By Sea said...

Very cool, Marie! They look great. I took a lampwork class years ago and hated it! I'd love to give it another try sometime soon.

Patti said...

How neat! Sounds like you had a great time. You have some very pretty color combinations.

I posted a photo of the necklace on my blog.

Have a great day! said...

This is really good work for only 1 class! I can't wait to see what you do with all your glass treasures!

Lúcia Russo said...

Ola, what a fantastic image!
Lovely pieces.

Esther said...

what a great artist!!