Saturday, January 23, 2010

Silver and Glass

I have a true passion for lampwork glass beads. Knowing first hand the amount of work that goes into one bead to make it just right, brings so much value to each piece. I love looking at all the colours, techniques and fun ideas incorporated into these small works of art. Alone however they are missing something. They are waiting to be added to other things to become whole, complete.

Another passion I have recently developed is wire work! I truly love the way pieces hang when they are wire wrapped. I love how the individual beads stand out so much more when they are framed by the wire and bead caps. I love how you can really see the detail of each bead as small individual pieces of art.

I love the wonderful little things you can add to these beads to make the finished pieces so much more unique and special. I love how depending on what accents you use it can change the whole piece. I love how something changes completely when you use a different size or colour of wire.

I love the feeling I have when I complete a piece that I have put a little more time and effort into. I love the sense of accomplishment when a piece comes out just right!

Look for this piece in my Etsy shop today :)


2 comments: said...

Oh so pretty!
Your right, each lamp worked bead is like small individual pieces of art!
Your glass work is beautiful.

LĂșcia Russo said...

Hi Marie
Your glass pieces are awesome, I love all of them. Congratulations for the beautiful blog and the great work.