Friday, May 7, 2010

New Designs!!

I had a bit of an off week, just the weather getting me down I'm afraid. I had a little sunshine poking through today so I am feeling a little better :)
I did get some things done! I made a couple of pairs of earrings that I submitted to Stringing. It is my first time submitting to them and I am really nervous because one of my goals this year is to be published in something other than Bead Trends, although I am still wanting to submit to them too. So I sent in pre-submissions for two pairs of earrings and a bracelet so far and I have a couple more things I want to send in too.

 This is one of my most requested necklace styles. Picasso Jasper and Vintaj Brass. Every time I make one it sells. It never fails. Which makes me happy because I really LOVE making them. I am getting low and I need to order more, so I am on the search for more perfect pendants and beads in the shapes, colours and styles I love.
This closeup really shows you what kind of variations you can find in this gorgeous stone. Soooo many rich colours. The Striations in the gemstones are amazing and I can not get enough of the movement in the stone itself.

Hard to believe this is all the same stone! This is a different one and I sold it right after I posted it on my facebook page! That is only the second time that has ever happened to me, and I hope it won't be the last!

 More Vintaj, this time I added a lovely lampwork glass bead from Elesha Designs on Etsy. Really colourful beads :) The pendant you may recognize as Chinook Jewelry! I made a large order sometime before Christmas and I am slowly using them in my designs. This one just worked so well I could not resist!!
Here is a closeup of this amazing and colourful pendant!! The music notes on it are a wonderful idea!! I hope to be able to order more of this type soon :)

I hope to come back and post a couple more goodies for you this weekend, I just have to see what I have time for. It is Mother's day weekend after all and I am looking forward to all the little surprises that might happen! I will try my best not to leave it so long between postings though :)

Have a great Mother's Day Weekend!!



Beatnheart said...

Your things are really pretty...I love the picture jasper. Come by to my site..I'm having a giveaway..

Patti said...

Congratulations on all of your Bead Trend submissions!! I think that your new pendants are really neat!

Gardanne said...

Very nice I love the long necklaces. Where did you get your stands for the necklaces, I have been looking for one?

Beatnheart said...

Dear Marie, thanks for your visit...I am honored that such a talented lady as yourself would come to my humble blog..cynthia

Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said...

Ohhh, Marie I love what you did with your sheet music pendant! It reminds me that I need to make some more of those guys :)

Marie Cramp said...

Thanks everyone!
*Gardanne, do you mean the strands of beads? If that is what you meant I got them awhile ago from a vendor that is no longer on Etsy. I was very upset when I found out because I was about to order more and now I am not sure where to look. I will be looking around and if I find some I will let you know. Everything else is Vintaj :)