Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Shows!!

Can I say first how much I dislike Florescent Lighting?? It gives off the worst glow on everything!

This was the "Tiffany Glass House" semi annual Art Show. So unlike a lot of the shows around you won't find anything that is not handmade! You can not participate in this Art show, unless you are a member of the Glass House. Needless to say there was a lot of Jewelry there! I am so glad that all our styles are very different. I did really well! The economy is terrible and so it was not overly crowded, but I was completely satisfied with the results!

I am running out of published pieces to display! I have sold almost all of them and now there are a couple I simply refuse to sell, so that I have something to show for all my hard work! People just love looking through the magazines, a lot of them think these are my catalogs and that they can order from them, I guess all the "catalog" jewelry companies out there really have taken over!! I do a lot of explaining! At least it strikes up conversations!

My displays look better in person, there is too much distraction in the background, the lighting is the worst but at least you get the idea! I am starting to have some really great stands and props, I just need to refine the way I load them up!! lol

This is one of the parts of my displays that I actually really like! Having the Picasso Jasper on the White Busts really brings out the colours! I think two of them are sold?!? I need to check. For sure the one with the round pendant sold. Sold some Mookaite too, need to add some of that to my Necklace collection! I have a couple I can make. Just need about 12 more hours in a day to do everything I want to do!!

I sold quite a few of the bracelets on the right side of the pic, and the red clay necklace in the plate. My earring trays are starting to look like I can finally combine a few, but I most likely will just fill them up again this week for my Open House on Saturday! I have soooo much to do!! Anyone want to come over and help clean up? I pay in jewelry!! lol

Now can you imagine me trying to fit all this one one table?? Yikes!! It does not work!! lol Trust me I have tried!! I am trying to keep a bit of a French theme going in this small section. I have my small Carte Postale Body Form, love that! I also have a mix of Parisienne French and Creole French. I fell in love with this Mask! I can just picture this on someone in the Phantom of the Opera!! lol I have a mix of Fleurs de Lis which are almost sold out, shabby chic pieces and french Ephemera here. Most of my decor and stands have kind of a bird theme going and you can see that in the tray that my pieces rest on. They are not as invisible as in the picture, like I mentioned, the lighting is awful!! the tags are handmade and giving Credit where credit is due, the idea came from the tags Shannon Levart's mother made for her. I only glimpsed them once but I remember the effect they had on me. These are just the first batch, I am going to make a new batch for Spring.  I can't wait to see how they turn out! I also have a couple more things in the works for next year's shows, something I will not sell online, but just as an "extra" at the actual shows.

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Esther said...

what a beautiful table!! all your jewels are stunning!!

maryharding said...

Your display is amazing. I agree with you, you need more hours in the day. I don't see how you do all this. And you do it so beautifully. I love all the detail in your set up and the variety in the way you display your pieces. Super nice.

Spirited Earth said...

thanks for sharing photos of your's daunting for me to figure out what really sets the jewelry off in an interesting way..
i love the bracelets tied onto the tags..brilliant..

Marie Cramp said...

The more I think about it the less I can figure out how I do it all! Maybe a time warp?? lol Maybe I just don't sell enough and so I have a ton of stuff left over? Who knows! Thanks for the kind words ladies!

JeannieK said...

Everything looks great to me. Sounds like the show was a huge success.