Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beads for Fun!!!

I am no Susan Kennedy, or Laurie Green Whitney. I am no Lisa Anderson or Amanda Austin! I am just me, and I am teaching myself to make beads! I started about a year and a half ago and I LOVE it! It is challenging and fun! I am looking forward to being good enough to have beads that all turn out the same size! I have no idea how to make them that consistent so my beads are "for Fun!" My Jewelry designs are more organic and earthy anyways, so if I really need beads that are the same size, I will go to one of my beady friends and get them there!! I do like them to be the same for earrings ;)
 I finally bought Raku Frit! I love it! I love the colours and the way it varies depending on where in the flame you melt it! {Thanks Susan for the tips!!} I had fun trying new things last week and I get to do it again tomorrow!
I even made some fun hearts! I know a couple of them are a little buggered up, but I am sure that my budding Jewelry Designer daughter will LOVE to play with those! She is only 10, seems like a good place to send them! lol
I like to call them twisted hearts! lol It is fun to watch the colours swirl into each other when you twist them a little! I have a few people who actually really loved this one! Yay!!
This one I made with my own Silvered Ivory Stringers!! I was lucky enough to come across some tutorials for Radiant Mind on Etsy, and they are amazing!! They have helped me so much! That is where I learned the Silvered Ivory technique and also how to make better swirled beads and better encasing too!

I of course have to do Something with these beads!! So for some nice simple designs I thought why not string a few of the larger beads right onto the chain!
I like the way they turned out! I think it is a great necklace for someone who does not really go for the large bulky pieces I love to make!

I even made that Frit mix myself! One of the better ones I have made! Not everything turns out as well as you would like when you are learning on your own! lol

Love trying new things! I can't wait for the day that I can have my own set up at home! Only time will tell since I have to find a way to work with my insurance company and I need to save up enough money for all the equipment!! lol

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TesoriTrovati said...

Really lovely beads, Marie! I think you are on to something. I am loving the second shot. Those colors are so pretty. And I am all about wonky beads... that makes them handmade and more special in my eyes. Keep working at it! I would love to take a class in making beads like this.
Enjoy the day!

Martha said...

I think the beads look amazing. I tried my hand at making the glass beads, so I know that it takes a lot of skill. I'm really loving the twisted heart beads. And, I love the idea of putting one bead on a chain. I think it would look great by itself or layered with another necklace.

SummersStudio said...

These are lovely beads. I especially like the colours in your twisted hearts.

Mellisa said...

They're all really lovely! It looks to me like you're already pretty consistent in making things match :) Twisty hearts are awesome...

For My Sweet Daughter said...

Well you know I love them all!
Shannon C

Pretty Things said...

You are doing a really, REALLY good job!!!

Gerry said...

Your lampwork beads are beautiful!!!! Love the these!!!!