Thursday, December 22, 2011

Artists Helping Artists Auction

Artists Helping Artists Silent Auction
Once again, several artists in the blog community have decided to come together to help a fellow artist in need.  It is so sad when tragedy befalls any of us, but it is particularly difficult during the Holidays. We humbly ask for your help in sharing these auctions with the people you know and please take a moment and place a bid on your favorite item!

The auction will run from Thursday, December 22nd through Wednesday, December 28th at midnight. 

This will be a double Auction like my last one. I have two beautiful pieces Lana Kinney. A stunning bracelet, made with a Toggle, bird bead and heart charm by Mary Harding
It is made of solid copper that has been patinaed and polished with a top coat of wax to seal the finish!
 To Bid on this piece include the words "Lana Bracelet" with your bid. Starting bid will be $15

The second piece by Lana is this beautiful necklace also made with a focal pendant by Mary Harding. This is also made of Solid copper that has been patinaed and polished with a top coat of wax to seal the finish.
 To bid on this piece include the words "Lana Necklace" with your bid. The starting bid will be $20

My piece is this lovely French inspired piece made with one of my own wood tile pendants. It is wrapped in Vintaj Filigree, hung onto a vintage key along with a  crystal and my very favorite bronze dragonfly charms by SummersStudio. It is also wrapped with pieces of recycled silk Sari.

To bid on this piece please include the words "Marie Necklace" with your bid. The bids will start at $20

Would you like to be the winning bidder?

Please leave a comment along with your bid. If you are the winning bidder, you will receive an invoice after the close of the auction. There must be a way to contact you. If you have email preferences turned off in your profile, please leave your email.

Many people are auctioning items to help out! Please visit these the other artists below and place your bid!

List of participants:

Andrew Thornton, Nan Emmett and Maria Richmond
Maire Dodd and Deborah Lee Taylor

Thanks so much to everyone involved! Let's make this a Merry Christmas!!



Kristin Oppold said...

I would like to bid on the Lana Bracelet for $30 and the Lana Necklace for $45.

kristibasket said...

I will bid $35 on the Lana Bracelet!

somethingunique said...

i would like to bid 30$ on Maries bracelet :)

somethingunique said...

in the spirit of Xmas i would like to out bid myself and bid 50$ on mries beautiful bracelet..... :)
Merry Christmas to all...

Sharyl said...

I was all set to make my bid on the Lana necklace, then noticed I've already been outbid! (It's worth every penny, but I don't have enough pennies to outbid you!) Good luck and good fun to all! And very best wishes to the one who benefits. That person has many very good friends!

Sharyl said...

P.S. To "Somethingunique"--I like your style! :-)

Lori Anderson said...

Marie Necklace, $25

Marie Cramp said...

This Auction is now closed!! Thanks to all those who participated!!