Monday, September 24, 2012

So much Happening! Have a look!

I have had a lot going on and I have been in a few places online this weekend. I want to show you quickly what I have been up to and share the links to where you can find me.
 First you can see I have created a couple new things. I have my new Raven tiles that are now almost sold out. I am making more this week before my next round of chemo. I will hopefully have them in the shop by Wed...
The Toile earring tags are also new and still available in my shop.
 I have also created earrings with the Toile Tags to give you some idea of how to use them. Now, that does not mean you can just go and make the same earrings, they are ideas! They are meant to spark your own creative juices and get you creating something all your own! Now go on, I know you can do it! 

A couple things you might have missed are the ABS BLOG Studio Saturday feature. This shows you a little more of what is above and also gives a short history on the beginnings of Toile. 

A few days before the Studio Sat post, I have another post on the ABS Blog about my new Ravens. Just a little eye candy and all that. 

You can find what is left of the new listings Ravens and Toile tags in my Supply Shop!

You can also find the finished Earrings in my Jewelry shop!

This morning the earrings are also featured on the Earrings Everyday Blog! If you have not seen the blog yet, head on over, have a look around and leave LOTS of comments!

So I think that about sums up the week, keep an eye out for more before the month is over! I hope to keep you coming back for more!!



Martha said...

Love the new Toile Earring Tags!

SummersStudio said...

Marie, it is so wonderful to see you making beautiful things.

lunedreams said...

Holy cow you've been busy! I am amazed by your energy. Toile fits in so nicely with the rest of your inventory! It looks wonderful with the dark findings, very French countryside! Hope your next round of chemo passes quickly with a minimum of discomfort!

Lupe Meter said...

Beautiful work as usual!! Love really have been very busy!! Love those Toile Tags...yum!

Sharyl said...

I really like the matching up of the pastel-color tags with the dark findings. Marvelous look!