Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Twisted Wire Hooks!

I have been wanting to make these for a long time now. Procrastination cost me probably about a year. Part of it insecurity at my ability to actually pull it off and part of it never seeming to be the right time...
 I made so much twisted wire, I should be able to make a couple hundred of these easy! So, since they turned out even better than I had hoped, I am sharing them with you!
 I have listed these in my Supply Shop on Etsy in two different ways. You can find the Individual Listing and you can find the Three Pack Listing. By buying the three pack you do save some money, but if you want to test run them first, try the single one.
 They are made of 16 gauge solid copper. Twisted, shaped, hammered, filed, oxydized and polished. They are work hardened and quite stiff. They are chunky and solid!
 They vary slightly in size and shape, but that's the beauty of handmade! I can not promise which piece you will get, I can only say they are all good quality and durable!
I sincerely hope you like these. I will be adding other things to my shop soon, more clasps, links and headpins. If you have requests I can certainly try to fulfill them!


p.s. I am also finishing some raven pendants this week, should be in the shop by the weekend!


TesoriTrovati said...

I do so love me some pretty clasps! Way to go! I think that you could even make up some kits with your pendants and some beads and the clasps to encourage creativity. Thanks for sharing these with the rest of us challenged by time and lack of effort to make our own. ;-)
Enjoy the day.

SueBeads said...

Cool, Marie! Hope you're doing well!

Kristen said...

How beautiful they are! I can see them with my seeds so beautifully! Sending Hugs!

AliMc said...

They came out beautifully!

Patti Van said...

These are so gorgeous! I bought 6 and will create my bracelet around this most awesome clasp!!!!

Sharyl said...

These are really fun and different, Marie! Great idea!