Monday, April 8, 2013

Some Fabulous new pieces!!

I am so excited to be back in the swing of things. I have been creating some pieces that I am really happy with! This first one here is a new style I am working with and I am in LOVE!! I can't wait to get more large pieces to keep making more!
 I have been going more often to make my own lampwork beads. I took the year off while I was getting better and now I feel the urge to melt glass again! Loving the results!
 You will be seeing a lot more patina pieces coming out. Some I purchase and some I make myself. I love the look of patina and it sells well, so I have big plans for it!
 These rustic pieces are great sellers for me too, so I am hoping to be able to keep these as a regular item. They will all still have their own unique charms and the beading or chain will always be different. A challenge for me to keep the OOAK, but what the heck!
 This is the first one I made in this style, I was smiling ear to ear when it was done. So happy!
 Came out with some new spring pieces, fresh and clean, simple but elegant. I will be listing as many of these as I can this week.
 Loving these earthy beach pieces. I will be needing a lot more of these beads. They seem to be a favorite in the bracelets and for sale on their own. You can find a few of my bead sets listed in my Supply Etsy Shop and the Jewelry is listed in my Jewelry Etsy Shop. Please take the time to visit both and see what is listed.

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Caroline said...

Loving your new designs Marie! They are absolutely gorgeous!

And it's great to see you back at it ;) xxx

lynsey said...

Lovely, lovely pieces there

Kristen said...

Your happiness is showing in your gorgeous work!!!

Jess Green said...

Those large silver focals are just WOW! What are they? They kind of look like bits of old spoons :)

swopemelmel said...

Oh where did you find those lovely focals that you bent into connectors ???? Please DO TELL !!!!