Monday, December 7, 2009

New Computer up and photos of my show!!

Looks like I really need to practice and learn how to use my new camera. I am so excited to be sitting at my new computer!! It was more than overdue having had so many problems with the other one for so long now. I have a nice large screen that I can look at everything clearly and I can type without the letters not coming up! I was starting to think that it was my typing skills. lol. It runs so quiet too compared to the other one. I also got to install my new camera, the other one only had 4.1 Mega Pixels this one has 12.1!! It was time to replace that too. Now I have to sell enough Jewelry to pay for it.

If you had seen the previous display I had you would see the evolution. I have a few more stands and busts and my earrings are grouped together. I also have matching table cloths in a nice neutral chocolate. I had two tables back to back at this show. It was nice to be able to spread myself out a little bit.

I have everything on trays or on racks pretty much. Having so much inventory I have a lot to carry and this makes it easier. I am trying to come up with an idea to carry necklaces around, I always seem to get them tangled and I really don't want to damage them so a better system is a priority at this point.

I was unsure about how much room I was going to have so I got this little shelf the night before the show. It was really nice having it and came in handy as I was able to display certain things a little better. The cool tree at the top is from Costco, I love it and got so many compliments on it I should have bought a bunch and sold them at a profit!! I should at least have gotten myself a couple more.

My lovely assistant {just kidding} Held something up just behind the tree so I could get a better picture of the things hanging on the tree without all the background interferance.

Just a closeup of one of my stands with the earring cards I made from scrapbook paper and a custom made stamp. You can also see my terrible setup for my bookmarks. That is going to be a tough one to figure out. The only way to really have the room for these is to stand them up, and with these styrofoam blocks I thought it might work. It mostly did until everyone was taking the bookmarks out of the foam to get a better look at them and then putting them back. This caused them to get loose in the foam. Back to the drawing board. lol. I did have a feeling that would happen.

Note to self: tone down flash or figure out which setting makes the pictures a little less bright.
I wish you could see the stones on some of my pieces a little better.

I also had my baskets of handmade cards there and they did really well! The flowers are actually pens.
That is about all I can show you. I forgot to take pictures at my last show, but it was pretty close to being the same. I had some stuff that was gone {thank goodness} that is the point afterall, and some new stuff.
I plan on fixing up a couple of doors that I have in the garage. They are bifold wood doors and I think they will make a really nice backdrop when not bright pink. lol.
I will also have done a distressed painted/stained finish in green on that little shelf. It was not meant to be left as is but having bought it the night before the show I did not have much choice.

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TesoriTrovati said...

Great display! I like to have different levels. That tree is cool. I will have to have my sister hunt one down at her Costco.
I have two trees like that from Target a few years ago. They are gold, and I have always wanted to paint them black. Perhaps I will. I actually started using one for my most worn jewelry on my dresser. So pretty. Have you tried a glass vase with sand in it for the book marks? Maybe a rectangular opening for ease of access. That way the book marks will stand up, they will be a higher height and they will be easy to put back. Just a thought. Kudos to you on your show. Looks like you had a lot of inventory! Enjoy the day! Erin

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Your display looks really good! And I am very fond on the necklace tree. It looks like you are putting that new camera to good use.

Silver Parrot said...

Your table looks great! Love the display tree from Costco - what an awesome idea!

SueBeads said...

I hope you did well at your show - looks like you put a lot of work into it!

Tiffany said...

love the set up/display! I went to see my stuff at a craft show for the first time (entered last year and didn't go to the show/sale itself) and it looked HORRID- we're talking UGLY! So, I have to get to work on my displays. I think I should get some busts for my necklaces. I have a "book" that I got at Michaels' and finished and put velvet inside it. I stand it up and hook the bookmarks over it like a book cover. I like the idea of someone up above who suggested using a vase with sand. Maybe, a pail? Where did you find your earring displays? I bought a mesh trash can that I'm going to paint black and use upside down as an earring display (at least I think I am). Dunno- I need to figure out my display. :) Great job!