Thursday, December 31, 2009

Still Waiting...

I have an interesting 3pc set in this copy of Bead Trends, I made it with Peach Turquoise and black Agate. I really like to see my pieces in print, it is a good feeling. I am looking forward to getting my copy of the January issue. I guess in Canada we wait longer for our copies...I know most of you have most likely gotten your copies already, so it is frustrating for me to wait knowing you all get to see my pieces before I do. The anticipation is killing me!! lol.

I am working on something wonderful and amazing right now. I am not sure I can say what it is so I will just not say anything. I am also working on my submissions for July. I am thinking rubies... ;)

I have a nasty head cold right now, so blogging has not been on my list of priorities. I did however want to make sure to send out the old year and bring in the new. I will have my one year blogaversary {??} soon, so stay tuned and we will see what I can come up with for that :-)

Happy New Year Everyone!!



Anonymous said...

Hope you get well soon and have a happy New Year!

bellajoya said...

Wow! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Congrats on being in Bead Trends! That is so exciting. Happy New Year!

Erin said...

Happy New Year, Marie! Congrats on all your recent publications!

Cindy said...

Hello Marie

Your pieces are beautifully photographed, but it's a bummer that it takes so long for you to see them yourself! I'm wondering if you received your copies by now? It's such a beautiful issue.
Good luck with the new submissions.

Marie Cramp said...

Hi Cindy,
I still don't have it. I am sure I will get it soon. It may be coming with the February one. That is what happened with the Nov/Dec.