Monday, April 12, 2010

Copper Bracelets to Boost your Spirits!

When you have a disappointing weekend and you need a little pick me up take out some bright shiny copper wire and make a little something to boost your spirits. I used bright colours that reminded me of a camp fire or a beautiful sunset. Warm summer colours. 
This dyed Varisite is wonderful and warm. The variance in colour throughout the bracelet gives it so much texture and depth. I have only seen this particular shade of Varisite once. I have the dark teal and bright pink as well as the natural here at home and have seen bright blue available as well.
The clasp on this piece is from They had a sale I took advantage of a couple months ago where I grabbed myself a few fun little bright copper findings. I think it added just the right amount of whimsy to the bracelet.
It is very smooth and comfortable to wear.
titled "Sunsets"
You can really see the natural variance in this wonderful stone in this picture. The shades from light to dark and the striations in the stone are fantastic!
For this one titled "Gamboge illusions" The focal bead is truly the inspiration. This amazing bead by Amanda Austin of "Sea Shore Glass" is from a set named Gamboge. I borrowed the name because it suited the colour so well. You can find the definition of Gamboge at the end of this post, it has been slightly edited to make it 
more reader friendly.
You can really get a feel for the depth of this wonderful bead from this closeup.
Another wonderful copper clasp from I love the hooks, they are so ornamental and detailed.
Also included in the bracelet are a few Picasso Jasper beads, an oval filigree and a large ceramic bead from my LBS. 
I hope these bright colourful bracelets give a boost to the beginning of your week.

Thanks for stopping by :)


Gamboge  is a partially transparent dark mustard yellow pigment.
Gamboge is most often extracted by tapping resin from various species of evergreen trees of the family Guttiferae
The trees must be ten years old before they are tapped. The resin is extracted by making spiral incisions in the bark, and by breaking off leaves and shoots and letting the milky yellow resinous gum drip out. The resulting latex is collected in hollow bamboo canes. After the resin is congealed, the bamboo is broken away and large rods of raw gamboge remain.
The first recorded use of gamboge as a color name in English was in 1634.
Extracted and edited from Wikipedia


Silver Parrot said...

All the pieces look great. Have you thought about dipping one or more in Liver of Sulvur to patina the copper? I'd be interested to see the results! I love that lampwork bead especially. Will have to check out that vendor!

niveditha said...

It can really boost the spirit of anybody, not only whose weekend was bad. Bracelet looks so gorgeous, snaps are beautiful

Regina said...

I love copper and so do my customers. Beautiful bracelets.

Sea Shore Glass Girl said...

I do not think that anyone in this entire world could complement my glass work as well as you do Marie! You do such an amazing job!

I love these two bracelets, they are beautiful alone, but I bet they would look awesome worn together :)

Keep on keepin' on girrlllll!
<3 Amanda