Friday, April 16, 2010

More More More!!

I had mentioned in my last post that I had more earrings. Well here they are. I actually ended up making over a dozen more pairs later that day and still need to photograph them. Yesterday was my Noah's 4th Birthday, so I kind of figured that should take priority!
First I thought I would bring a little summer sunshine out, the weather here the last couple of days has been fantastic! Around 16 degrees Celsius for April is really great! I believe that is about 60 degrees or so for my American friends.
I have loved these sweet little butterflies for ever it seems. Green as you might already know is my favorite colour and I just can`t get enough!! I have been diversifying lately as you can see from my designs. The one thing I have realized, is Blue sells the fastest!!
These blister coin pearls are a lot of fun. I added some pale Aquamarines and pink Tourmalines. I just have to use my brass. I think I may try these in Sterling as well, they might even look better than the brass!
Here is some more green! These bright stones are Emerald Quartz and the dark ones are Czech glass. I think there will be many more of these styles of earrings coming out, I really like making the dangles and next I want to make longer ones.
Last but not least, these reminded someone of Jelly Fish :) I thought that was a great comparison! I also think of it as a compliment because I think Jelly fish are really beautiful. So a little Czech glass and some crystal pearls with my favorite Vintaj Brass!

So have a great weekend, I will try to post again soon and show you some more of my new earrings!


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Barbara Lewis said...

I love the blister pearl set! The colors are so beautiful and their delicate nature. Beautiful work!