Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wonderful Day!

What a wonderful few days of creating I have had. Getting ready for a show, getting my submissions ready for Bead Trends and Stringing and now Vintaj too! Very exciting :)
I have had these Tim Holtz locks in my scrapbooking stash forever it seems. I finally took one out and turned it into a necklace, or at least the pendant on a necklace :)
Here is a nice closeup!
Some of you may recognize the sweet little leaf! Every Heart Crafts' Erin sent that to me as a little gift. I have been holding onto it for awhile now, but it just seemed to fit perfectly in this piece. This is the longest necklace I ever made. I did a mini survey on my Facebook fan page, asking what people preffered and it seemed to be long necklaces. I went with it and created this one. I do have a tendency to go for the shorter necklaces, because at the shows it always seems to be those that sell first, but it's always good to have a variety :)
For shorter necklaces, I made a few of these. Copper chain and a lampwork bead with bead caps all wire wrapped. I attached the pendant directly to the chain so it would not move around all over the place. There is nothing I hate more than wearing a necklace and having the clasp moving around. If it's supposed to stay in the back, then that is where it should be. If it is supposed to be on the side or in the front then I want iot to stay there! I am sure you get what I am saying :)
Here is a nice closeup of the Boro glass bead I used. It is from Amanda Austin of Sea Shore glass. I just discovered her beads in the last few months and I have truly become addicted. I find them to be good quality and well priced. Some of them are quite large!! You can find her beads and jewelry in her Etsy shop.
Last but not least I also made a new bracelet using one of my handmade wood tiles. This is an example of what you can do with a four hole link charm. Imagine what it would look like if you used three or four of these in a row. You could make a really cool bracelet or necklace!! As with the majority of my pieces, I used Vintaj brass. I love the warm colours of the antiqued brass, they make each piece New Vintage somehow :) I also used crystal pearls in this piece.

See you soon!!


Rebecca said...

These are so beautiful Marie! I love Vintaj. And I'm with you on the moving around clasps - so annoying!

EB Bead and Metal Works said...

I love all the pieces! They are awesome. I especially love the bracelet! Awesome work!

Kristen said...

Nice work, Marie! I love what you've done here! That lock is a great pendant, I have to agree!

Silver Parrot said...

I love the beadcaps on that last bracelet! All the designs are awesome!

Gardanne said...

I love the bead caps on the pearls too and the first chain.

Anonymous said...

they are all so pretty. especially the chain in the first and the combo of the lampwork bead with the copper.

Esther said...

so cute!! perfect vintage look!! bravo (thid big bead is really awesome!! )

Pretty Things said...

Cool pieces!

Sea Shore Glass Girl said...

I love them all, you are an amazing artist :) I especially like what you've done with my bead :)