Monday, March 14, 2011

Creations Without Boundaries!

Those of you who have gotten the newest issue of Stringing might have seen my "Spring has Sprung" necklace. The focal is by my dear friend LeAnn Weih of Summers Studio.It was the inspiration for the entire piece! I absolutely love this necklace and I am delighted to have been able to get it into the fabulous pages of Stringing Magazine!!
This is another piece featured in the magazine. My Amazonite bracelet with the Jade Scott focal. The soft colours of the Amazonite mixed with the brass make it rich and opulent. I have two more things in this issue, but I wanted to share other things instead.

When I say without boundaries,this is what I mean. Being able to create something to fit someones special interests and likes. This was a special order for a friend of mine for her daughter for Christmas. She loves to read and loves Twilight, so we came up with this OOAK bookmark! I hear she was really happy with it ;)

I handmade the tile, drilled it in a way that we would not lose the image and added a few fun things that went well with the theme. No boundaries! A truly unique and fun creation.

This particular necklace is part of my beach line. I love making them and having them all different. Some are more complex and some are just plain fun. Absolutely my top necklace seller on Etsy! The bead featured in this necklace is by a local friend of mine that I like to go lampworking with. Wendy Algers, founder of Black Bird Beads. She is an amazingly talented lampworker with way more patience that I will ever have! lol Thanks Wendy for allowing me to look through your stash and pick out a few I liked ;)

This week challenge yourself to create without boundaries!



For My Sweet Daughter said...

My subscription to Stringing ran out so I have to get to a store to get a copy! I love that you used my display in the bottom picture :-)
Thank you,

Mags said...

I like very much both of your featured pieces! I don't know that magazine, but try to look for it :-D

somethingunique said...

Hi Marie, i never miss an issue of Stringing Mag, for me by far the best one out there such creative OOAK creations i am new to this creative family of bloggers and was so excited to see many of the people i follow with designs in the mag and that i had accually been fans of there jewelry all along i just resently got rid of my dial up so i am able to do a lot more on the computer now and am so glad i found blogging i have met so many wonderful inspirational people both creativly & personally. i really love your style and i find as well people really love star fish,dolphins well sea creatures in general sell well! congrats on being published ttfn :)

SueBeads said...

Very nice Marie! Congrats on Stringing (it was a great issue) and the bookmark is great! Love your beach line!

Alice said...

I just subscribed to stringing, but I'll bet I won't get this issue. I'll have to pick it up at the store.

Your createions are beautiful. My favorite is the Bracelet. I just love your Creations Without Boundaries concept.