Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vintage Romance Collection!

I have been working on some new pieces for my Vintage Romance collection. Feb was a crazy month for me with all the dental work I had to get done before our insurance ran out. It is going to be expensive to get anything done now that it's gone! Layoffs are no fun for anyone, I can not even imagine being in the US where you have to pay so much to get medical help! I am so grateful to be Canadian!

The first piece is this necklace. I just wanted something feminine and romantic. I also wanted it to be simple! I have listed this on my Skye Jewels website instead of in my Etsy shop. I am trying to save a little on Etsy fees! lol I know you understand exactly what I am talking about!
These earrings might just be the perfect match to this necklace! Floral, pink, delicate and very vintage.
I have had these Lucite flowers in my stash for almost two years and I figured it was about time to use them! This year I am all about using my stash and buying less. Not a choice as much as a necessity, but things will change and get better soon.
Here is a blue pair, these will all get listed on my website very soon, today or tomorrow I am hoping.
 It is a little more labour intensive than Etsy unfortunately, but I manage ;)
I made a total of six pairs. They are almost exactly the same but different colours or with a different center. I am thinking if these sell for me I may make more like them, but we will see first. I am not ordering more until I know! lol
I think these are the richest. I love the dark red, it looks lighter than it is in the natural light I took the photos in. I just wish I had a pair of purple! Dark, and light :) That would be nice to add to the collection.

Thanks to Everyone who left a comment on the Bead Soup Post! I am overwhelmed with love for all of you. I hope that many of you will return again and again to see more of my creations. I also hope that those of you who did not have a chance to follow my blog will do so, it sure would be nice to get to 300 this month!

Thanks again!



Latasha said...

Marie, you know I love Lucite. I love the layering of the cap ends you did.
fingers crossed these sell fast.

Donna said...

Love these earrings! Very Victorian and feminine looking.

somethingunique said...

Hi Marie, i am Canadian as well and can't agree more about our heath care,i am 49 and have had to have both of my hips replaced due to a rare form of spinal arthritis, because of my age & our wonderful health care i was lucky enough to receive the most advanced new hips available. Between getting the hips i fell and broke my neck so they had to put humpy dumpty back together again. I am new to your blog found you while i was hop hop hopping around to each and every partier. I really like your style very unique.When i get my next diability check i will order some of your wonderful components from your etsy shop. I am sorry about the lay off i am in Windsor ,Ontario car Capital and we have been hit hard as well, my hubby has been on notice for over a year we cross our fingers every week, my meds for my arthritis is $2000. a month i look forward to following your blog to see more of your wonderful creations i promise not all of my comments will b this long. take care and God Bless

steufel said...

Ohh, you really caught the victorian feeling! Awesome pieces.

Menno Jeweler said...

Marie, you and I think alike! I just recently have been imagining how pretty lucite trumpet flowers would look with Vintaj...but you went beyond the imagining part! These are beautiful!

Kristen said...

Beautiful and elegant! I love those earrings! I checked out your website and boy I wish I had shopping $!

Karen Williams said...

I'm still touring blogs from the Bead Soup tour. It's really interesting to compare these with your challenge piece. Both collections are sooo different, but they both work beautifully. Thanks for sharing!