Monday, February 6, 2012

Bead Soup Partner and Goods!!

So it's that time of year already our wonderful hostess Lori Anderson hosts the ever popular Bead Soup Blog Hop!!
This time because of the huge demand, Lori wisely decided to do it in a lottery. I never thought I would get picked, but I am very happy I was!
These are the pics of what I slowly unwrapped a couple weeks ago.
Pretty and fun little bundles of pretties!
My lovely Partner Lori Finney took time and love to wrap these little bundles up for me! They are so pretty and I love the fabric!
All sorts of little surprises were waiting for me inside!! Lots of glitzy pieces and fun unique beads
These are the two things I have to use. The focal and the clasp. I don't think it will be too hard! Lovely little treasures!!
Of course Lori is being very creative and has challenged me to use the fabric also! I can make anything I want with it. OMGosh!! Lori!! I don't sew!! At all! EEEEK! Panic!!

You can check out Lori's blog and say hi!

Come back March 3rd for the big reveal!!



Cindy said...

Wow, what a beautiful stash of beads and wrapped so nicely! Looking forward to seeing what you make with your bead soup! ;-)

CraftyHope said...

What a lovely collection you received!!
Why do you need to sew to use the fabric. Maybe consider making some fabric beads. There are lots of methods that use little more than wire or glue. Take a look around online with a search for fabric beads. You might be surprised!!
Have fun!

Loris Glassworks said...

I love the packaging and your beads are wonderful. Have fun!

Sharyl said...

The fabric pieces are just wonderful! All my favorite colors! I often buy those and I don't sew either! Ha!

I like the ideas given! You might also be able to make into long strips then hand sew the few stitches to attach the pieces together...or maybe there's some way to gather them up into little flowers or buttons that might not be too difficult. I'll wait and see what you do, then I'll give it a try! :-) Kidding! But a fun challenge for you! Enjoy!

Skye said...

what a lovely soup! The little bundles were a fabulous touch.. like opening lots of little gifts ;) lol

As for not sewing... neither do I but I just finished a really cute stuffed kitty, by hand ;) You need to pick something simple and start sewing... Oh.. and a practice run.. DEFINITELY need a practice run ;) find some scraps of similar weight material at a thrift shoo to practice on;) I think those are the perfect size to make some cute little crafts :) Maybe a little 'small -of-the-back', or neck pillow ... or if you're really anti-sew, you could modgepodge... Or pick up a little box or tray or photo frame from the dollar store of craft store, and cover it with a bit of cotton batting, then hot glue the fabric over top! whatever you do, ENJOY :D

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Lovely soup! I don't sew either. I saw a pretty strung necklace online where they used little layered squares of fabric (folded over) between beads. They punched a small hole in the fabric to string it. The necklace ended up looking kind of "furry". I might try this technique when I get the courage.

Kathleen Lange Klik said...

I love how she wrapped all of the components in fabric-very creative! Looks like you have an awesome bead soup to work with. Can't wait to see what you create, especially with the fabric!

Roxanne Mendoza said...

How fun! And what pretty packaging.

JeanneLamp said...

Wow, that's wonderful! You're so lucky :)

Patti Van said...

That is one beautiful bundle of beads! And the wrapping makes it that much special! Have fun!

Lori Anderson said...

Gorgeous beads and pretty presentation!!!

deb said...

Marie justcollage the fabric!! I do itall the time! Deborah bagwell