Friday, February 10, 2012

NEW Charms, Pendants and a SALE!!

I have been working hard to bring you some new things to look at in my shop. I have made a really great variety of pieces and I will have more soon. Bringing back some old favorites some some fantastic new pieces never seen before!!
 The NEW Angel Wings are something I worked on with Ella at Calico Collage. This is all in a previous post I believe. I have made new ones that I listed in my shop and they are there now.
I have also made a pair of what I think are some fantastic earrings!!
I really love the way these turned out! They are for sale in my Jewelry Shop. So feel free to snap them up while you still can!!
This is one of my faves! I love the old Ferris Wheel, and I enlarged it enough so you could see the details of the little houses instead of passenger cars. How cool is that!
 I have a couple of new sets, these are of course the Fleur de lis that are Exclusive to Skye Jewels! I love having my own personal pieces that no one else can make!
 I also made some of the classics you all seems to gravitate towards. I love the roses too, so expect some new ones very soon...

One of the things I am very excited about, is my little supply shop is about to hit 1000 sales! I have worked so hard to get here and I am proud of all the things I have accomplished with this little project I started almost two years ago. I really hope to have at least another two good years to be able to do this.
So for the SALE!! Please use coupon code THANKYOU and you will save 20% in my Supply Shop.

See you at the shop!!



Anonymous said...

I love all the new stuff, Marie. Your collaboration with Ella has some fabulous results!!

Anonymous said...

I love all the new stuff, Marie. Your collaboration with Ella has some fabulous results!!

Anonymous said...

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Vicki said...

Your work is absolutely beautiful.

Love your selections of designs and colors.

Mags said...

Marie, my first ever piece (not last!) of jewelry with your tile-pendant is now on my blog :-D I love it!