Wednesday, April 4, 2012

E-Book by Lorelei Eurto

I wanted an opportunity to see inside the amazingly creative mind of the multi-talented Lorelei Eurto, so I purchased her newly released e-book "Asymmetry Made Easy" I found it very well written with some of Lorelei's humour and very easy to understand. This is the perfect book for someone who knows the basic steps to make jewelry, but needs a little inspiration on how to pull it all together. 

This is what I created referring to her Asymmetrical Diagram towards the end of the book. I kept it simple plus at the time I was playing with Evie in the big button bin, so why not a button necklace! lol
 Long necklaces like this are hard to photograph, but here it is!

The book is very much worth a look. It's affordable and just reads right from your computer. Beautiful photography is included with examples of how she uses the techniques herself!

To purchase Lorelei's book follow this link... "Asymmetry Made Easy" and purchase it directly from her blog. 

I believe Lorelei might be making more of these, so keep your eyes open!

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Lorelei Eurto said...

it turned out awesome!! Glad it reads easily- thank you for the shout out!

Donna Bradley said...

Thanks so much for the review, Marie. I am definitely going to go buy this book now!