Friday, April 20, 2012

More Treasures!!

My muse paid me a visit the other night and I was finally able to create. I have a show tomorrow morning at the "Third Academy" school in the south part of the city, so I really needed to make new pieces. I think I had sold most of my substantial pieces at my last show, so it was time to restock! So here are some of the pieces...
 This piece above is the only one not made of solid copper. This one is brass. I of course used many art beads, loving how they make each piece so unique.
A fun fresh piece perfect for spring. whatever does not sell on Saturday will be listed in my shop during the week.
Beautiful pendant by Chinook Jewelry. I have been holding onto this one for a couple of years!
This one I made last month, it was rejected by Bead Trends but I still don't get why, I really love it and wore it the other day and got lots of compliments on it. You win some you lose some! lol
One of my new favorite pieces. A HUGE pendant to suit this year's biggest trend! A large filigree piece in behind one of my new 1X3 inch pendants, adorned with elegant black and brass beads and chain. Wore it yesterday and got lots of compliments on this one too!
 This fun bracelet I listed this afternoon in my Etsy shop and it sold within minutes! If only that happened everyday! So fun and colourful! For those of you reading this, if you wonder why I wear the jewelry I then go and sell in my shop, it's kind of a way to advertise and do quality control at the same time. I would hate to sell you a piece of jewelry that had something that was sticking out and hurting you, or something that was made with a less than durable piece and broke or even a clasp that was too loose or too tight. So fear not! I am not wearing out the New jewelry you are buying, I am making sure that each unique piece is well made for you.
This last pair is a fun asymmetrical pair I just love. These are listed in my shop right now! 

Thanks for stopping by, come again soon!



Spirited Earth said...

all these pieces are all gorgeous..
I also test drive my jewelry..just to make sure it looks as i imaged when being worn, hangs right and is super wearable ..if there are any issues it gets a redo..

Initial Charms said...

The birds and butterflies look very pretty sitting on your neck pendants.They have very subtle colours and are looking very simple yet attractive.