Friday, April 24, 2009

Swarovski Crystals!!

I got these gorgeous Swarovski Crystal from and created my very first crystal creation. When I saw these I originally was going to make a charm bracelet using all six of the crystals and whatever else I could come up with. I just could not picture it in my head after I got them.
I decided that I would make two different bracelets instead. I picked the Olivine rings because I knew they would match a lot of the green beads I already had. I love green with passion and these were not a disappointment. They sparkle so well in the light. Sorry the picture don't accurately show this, but those of you who have seen Swarovski Crystals before know what they are famous for.
I included some fresh water pearls and jade with these funky green beads. I used one of my new toggle clasps.
For this second bracelet, same idea with the pearls threaded inside the Swarovski clear crystal beads. I used real Amethyst nuggets with a few larger pearls and another one of my new toggle clasps. The pictures are truly terrible, sorry. I tried and re-tried to get better shots but my pathetic little camera is not working with me. lol.
Some of the Amethyst are quite dark but it was the light. At least the top picture really shows off the crystals well.

I hope you enjoyed these creations. Keep coming back, I will hopefully have a wonderful addition coming to my list of websites soon.

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