Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A fling with Amazonite

So I recently discovered Amazonite. I imagine most of you have seen it before and I am late to get the punch line...again. lol. I fell in love with the pale milky turquoise colour. So I started to experiment and I made these three bracelets. All the stones in the first and third bracelets are Amazonite. The second one has some snow quartz mixed in and most of these silver beads are pewter although some are just silvertone.
I love toggle clasps and I usually use those over any other clasp. The first is from Beads n' Plenty more, my local bead store. The second I think I picked up at Michael's and the third I bought on-line from Fire Mountain Gems.
I hope you enjoyed these pale delicate but bold bracelets. Please leave me a comment and let me know :)


SummersStudio said...

Lovely play of colour in all three.

mairedodd said...

i agree, amazonite is really beautiful... so summery! nice job...

Anonymous said...

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Sandro Heckler