Saturday, March 13, 2010

Heart of a Peacock!!

I have been working on this necklace for three days now and I think I finally made it look the way I wanted it to. I was picturing something a little different when I started, but the results are just as good as what I originally envisioned. I started off with this amazing pendant and went from there.
I wire wrapped pearls on and off for about 5 hours and now my hands hurt like the dickens!! I thought the peacock pearls were a perfect compliment to the gunmetal grey of the heart.

I thought about going all the way around with the wire wrapped pearls but decided that it might be more comfortable if the back was smooth. I tried it on and found it quite comfortable! It is also quite weighty, but in a nice way.

The sun was shining in my kitchen and I figured I better take advantage of it and take my pictures now. I have recently discovered that I like the way my pictures turn out better in the sunlight than  in the shade or under artificial light.

I will never claim to be a good photographer, but I will settle for way better than before :)

Here's to another good day!!



Peridots Garden Blog said...

Oh so beautiful! Love the color combination!

Thank you for sharing!


Regina said...

very nice, even though it was not what you started out to do.. i think this turned out just perfectly beautiful!

Jenny J-V said...

I love the look of those pearls with the gun metal! Congrats on making it through all those wire-wrapped loops without your hand falling off!! :)