Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Pendants, Bead Trends Blog and Facebook!

This picture was taken from the Bead Trends Blog. On the far left is one of my Mermaid Bookmarks. It was picked as Charlotte's Photographers favorites!! I am so pleased to say that this is the second time she has picked one of my pieces :) Thanks Charlotte.

I have been working hard on some new items that I am hoping will draw your attention. These are 1.5 inch pendants that I have painted in either brown or black and added vintage ephemera images to. I have a nice mix so far and will have more coming. If there is a type of image you want and don't see it, contact me and I should be able to find something.

French Ephemera has to be my favorite right now, my ancestry being from France it holds a particular facination for me. I have them in circles and I am working on squares right now.

The Eiffel Tower is a huge favorite, so I hope you will go visit my facebook page to see the images. There is a sale announced on my fan page that you might be interested in taking advantage of. There is a link in my sidebar...

These can be drilled any way you want. I am going to list some today and tomorrow, but feel free to reserve your choices on my facebook, then I can create a special listing for you.

I have always loved nature and trees. I thought I would make a few of these and see what you guys think. I plan on making a few pieces of jewelry with these, like I did with the tiles, so you can get inspired on how to use these.

Have a great day!!



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Jenny J-V said...

Lovely! I just love the word "ephemera" makes me happy. :)

Barbara Lewis said...

Beautiful, Marie! And, congratulations on the publication!