Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Earrings you can really wear!!

I love to make things that are fancy and ornate. What I love even more is making things you want to wear everyday!! These two pairs of earrings are just that. Fun and fancy but for everyday!!
Vintaj Brass, my favorite findings compamy, mixed with shell hearts. I have made a few things with these hearts and can not think of a single thing that I don't love!!

Also made with Vintaj Brass, these have wonderful dark red or burgundy pearls. They are about 10mm I think. They are the same pearls that I put in this necklace.

I am sure you remember that post!

Here is a good closeup of the brass.
Here they are hanging, nice and simple but elegant for everyday!!

Both sets should be or will be available in my Etsy shop.

Thanks for coming by!



Cristi - 2 If By Sea said...

Hi Marie! Thanks for stopping by today! Love these new earrings, especially the dark red. I love that color!

Janet said...

Very lovely hearts! Nice nice nice!