Friday, March 5, 2010

It's Friday and I am Creating!!!

You know how it is when you get into a groove! I am so there :) I just hope it is not over now that my husband has to go out and work on his school project. I have been on a roll. This is a swirled Chalcedony necklace wrapped in Vintaj brass.
Next is a green Amethyst necklace in the same style as the first. Yummy!! I LOVE green Amethyst. You can find both of these in my Etsy shop. I plan on trying a few more styles of these soon.

This is not listed yet, but I am planning on doing that in the morning Hey! I have to save something for tomorrow!! :)
Hey Sue, this one is for you!! I imagine you recognize the beads :) I love how therewas a redish brown in the beads that matched so well with the coin pearls.

For tose of you who are not fans of my facebook page, head on over there and become a fan to have access to the special sale I am having from now until Sunday midnight {I am not fussy about time zones}. It will be worth your while if you are interested in my wood tiles. My facebook fans are always the first to know aboput sales, promos and special draws!! Join now, link in the sidebar!!
I will have a few new tiles going into my shop tonight and tomorrow. The more I sell the more will list. I still have almost 100 I can still list and I am always making more.

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Jenny J-V said...

Happy Friday night!!! Love the new pieces! I'm glad I'm not the only one who'd rather be playing with pretty goodies at home on a Friday...haaaaaaaaaa I spent the evening working on pictures and etsy least favorite thing about making jewelry. :) Have a great weekend!