Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bead Soup sneak Peak!!

So I was lucky enough to get paired up with Patricia Wood of VerreDesign and got this great stash of beads! I love lampwork beads, which is most likely why I started making them myself, but that will never stop me from buying what I can not make!! For example, in the next picture, there are hollow beads!! LOVE them!! Already made something using them!! ;)
Aren't they fabulous!! I love green and I am getting more and more into fabulous colour!! So these suit my taste just fine :)
More fun fantastic lampwork beads!! I have yet to finish using them all, but I did make something with the Boro glass! Yum!!
More fabulous beads! These leaves are something I have never seen, but I am wondering if I might be able to make some myself!! Love them! Love the little flowers too :)

Of course now that I have your mouth watering with this great soup, I guess you will have to come back on June 19th for the big blog hop!! Where the bead soup will be revealed!!

See you then!


Silver Parrot said...

Ooohhh...love the leaves and flowers!

SummersStudio said...

A little bit of everything yummy in your soup mix. Just like a really great veggie soup. I am looking forward to seeing what you all do with your ingredients. Happy soup making!

Carol B said...

What wonderful beads!