Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Stone of Skye!!

Experiments and Photography!! What fun! I found myself at Home Depot in the Garden Center looking for the perfect stone!! I needed something that would make my photos stand out more!! Well I think I found it!! It is even worth the extreme weight of it!! lol! It has to weigh at least 10lbs!! but I am thinking closer to 20 ;) I might just have to give it a permanent spot so I don't have to move it around!! I have now nicknamed it "The Stone of Skye"
what do you think??

Other than finding the famous stone, I have been making jewelry!! I know it's shocking!! A jewelry designer, making jewelry!! Who would have thought!

I have been trying to showcase my tiles more to entice you to buy your own! I am happy to say I have a few regulars that now frequent my shop so it's a start :) I just hope more of you will try to experiment with my fun charms and pendants!! Next week, I am going to do a post on a couple of artists that have been using my tiles in their designs and I will post photos for you to enjoy :)
Here is my newest bracelet "Summer Sun". I have been wanting to use some of this large sunny Magnesite I found at my local bead shop, and what better place to start than with a fun vintage style charm with  a bright yellow flower! Nothing sunny is complete without one of Sue Beads lovely lampwork!! I also used some of ArtbyLisi's lampwork and some fun Czech glass. I am really pleased with this one, it just radiates summer!!

I thought I would continue on the summer theme and make these fun bird earrings! These will be listed this morning in my Etsy shop. As with most of my pieces these days I used Vintaj brass. I just love the old world feel of the aged brass. I added Czech glass rosettes and two matching wood tiles. These are fun and very lightweight!

I also made this bracelet with a fun dandelion tile and some of my organic shaped lampwork discs! I wore this one yesterday and loved how it felt on my wrist. I also got a lot of compliments!! All Vintaj brass again and the rest is handmade :)

I was playing around with my wire making a clasp and thought, "why not add a little something!" It turned out to be beads and some funky wire wrapping. There was no plan, just "experimentation!!"
I am thinking of turning the clasp around and attaching it to the other side, I think now that I look closely at it, it makes more sense! Then it would be adjustable!! I might just have to get back to work... After that I will re-photograph and list it in my Etsy shop :)

I think overall, the photography turned out well. Between the "Stone of Skye" and my little bird bath prop, I am getting better! I made a couple of necklaces last night, I hope to have enough natural light to take photos today and I should be posting those in the next couple of days.

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Thanks so much everyone!!



Silver Parrot said...

Some great pieces, Marie! The orange/yellow one really stands out against your new background. it looks great!

SueBeads said...

Very nice pieces, Marie!

Amanda Austin said...

I think your photography is getting better :) I am loving the props :) how much are you listing the bracelets for?

Until We Bead Again, Beth Murr said...


Regina said...

The blue bracelet is my favorite, but the others are just as lovely, great work!

SummersStudio said...

It's a good photo background, Marie, and your pieces are lovely. I vote for a permanent photo spot if you can find the space. Nothing worse than carting all of the bits around. Your work just gets better and better!

Mermaid Glass said...

I just love the dandelion bracelet. So soft and beautiful.

Heather said...

Nice background for your beautiful photos!! It works really well. I love that dandelion bracelet. I have my eye on it!!