Thursday, June 24, 2010


So I found out earlier this year that in Calgary we now have the Canadian Bead Oasis Show! Well, I am sure you understand how I felt!! {Big grin, cartwheels, jumping up and down...} So I planed most of the beginning of the year around the impending bead show. I had a list of things I wanted. Candy Jade, pearls and Labradorite.  Anything else was fair game!

So here you  can see I found some really pretty pink and orange Candy Jade and the yellow is just jade.

I also found these great pearls! I wanted colourful pearls in a few different shades. 20 strands in all!  I can't wait to use some! I already have quite a few ideas as to what I want to do with them.
 These are Polymer clay as some of you can plainly see. I just really likes the little flowers and I got a few accent beads and a focal too. We will see where my imagination takes me with these.
 And here is my stash of Labradorite! There is some dyed quartz and garnet there as well, but mostly LOST of Labradorite!! I have not been able to find any locally so I stocked up! Lots of fun shapes, my two faves are the tear drops and the nuggets! I could have gotten a lot more! There was so much selection there, even with only about 40 vendors.
  Here is some amethyst, some of those will be going into my Mother's wedding necklace with some yellow pearls. There is also Chalcedony in three fabulous colours! I really wanted the lavender chalcedony, but I needed to keep a little money for something else!

These are a mix of Amethyst, Citrine, Calcite, Quartz and Amber. The chips are the only Amber I could afford! That stuff is seriously pricey!! I think it will still make something fun!
 I did fall in love with these Silver dipped Sea Shells! The price was irresistible!! So I hope you will keep your eyes open for creations made with these very soon!
 The bright red is Coral. Great price, but I still only got one. By now I was pretty low on funds! lol but I had one more important stop to make...
 Unicorn Beads!! YUMMMMMMMY! I saw them when AI first came in and decided that I had to walk away and save them for last or I would never buy anything else! I absolutely adore these beads!! I had heard the name before in passing, but never seen the beads. I was in awe!! I got a few strands to try out and a few pendants!! I think that I have a bit of an ocean theme on the brain lately!! Sea Shells, pearls...
 I just can't get enough!! I love everything I chose and could have spent a lot more money than I had, I KNOW you can relate because most of you have done the very same thing!! Boy did I have a big grin and a very heavy bag when I left.
The best part... a couple of people recognized me!! NO WAY!! That was way too cool!! I never thought that would happen. What an Ego boost!!

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TesoriTrovati said...

Great haul, Marie! Bead show shopping is so much fun.
Enjoy the day!

Silver Parrot said...

Ah Marie...I see my shopping lessons have paid off! That is truly quite the haul! I love the poly clay flowers and the sea shells in particular. Can't wait to see what amazing stuff you come up with!

Pretty Things said...

Drool-worthy haul, indeed! Those polymer clay flowers are awesome in particular!

Barbara Lewis said...

Starting from the laboradite on down ... these beads are heavenly! I can't wait to see what you create. It will be fun watching these beads find their way into your work! Looks like you had a great time!

Cindy said...

What a gorgeous stash of new beads! Oh my...wouldn't know where to about with those beautiful labradorite beads - they are my favorite!