Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Busy and LOVING it!!

I love being busy! I love having things I enjoy doing go well. I am really happy with the way things are going business wise right now, thanks to those of you who have been shopping with me :) I really had fun making the sets of Fall Foliage charms, so much fun in fact, that I made a second set!! So now, for those of you that still wanted some but noticed there were none left, I have started listing a few today and should finish tomorrow.
This is one of the new sets, so you know that they are exactly the same as the last ones, but in random combos. I have some that have green backs, others are brown and others are Russet. What I have made is going to be the last of it, my Husband starts school on Thursday, so I can not imagine having the time to make more with everything else I have on my plate. I do have something else you might like. Considering the amazing response on the first sets, I have now made pendants in a similar style!!
 Here are a couple of examples! Let me know what you think! I can custom drill any of these or leave them undrilled if you want to give filigree wrapping a try. Either way they will look fantastic! Picture these with some Vintaj Brass or copper, and some Czech glass... what a great combo for fall!! I will be listing these tomorrow.
I have a few other things going on, some necklaces I made not long ago got me thinking how I have always had a romantic nature and have always loved things that make me feel feminine and beautiful. I am starting my very first "line" of products! "Vintage Romantic" I will tell you more about it when I have some photos of what I have made so far. Right now I can only show you a couple of photos of the inspiration pieces!!

This is inspiration piece #1 with a set of matching earrings. Lots of romantic layers and floral.

Inspiration Piece #2 More of those same Florals and romantic layers. Different shades and combos. So think of these and my new collection is heading in this direction!! I am very excited about it! I do however need to order more filigree! I am so low! I have enough to make maybe 5 more necklaces! Eeeeek!!

Well off to bed! Had a crazy couple of weeks! I think they are finally catching up to me!



Esther said...

wow Marie!! this romantic and floral collection is amazing!!

Julie said...

Hi Marie, I'm so glad Lisa showcased you on her blog, you are very talented! How in the world do you find the time to do everything you do? Will start following your blog ... can't wait to see more from you!

See you on the beach!