Friday, September 10, 2010

Wonderful Things Abound!

Today I got to spend a wonderful day with my beautiful Birthday girl! She is now 3 and I can not believe my baby is getting to be such a big girl! Happy Birthday Eve-Angeline!! I love you more than life itself!

I am truly feeling blessed right now. My father does not come around often, but he was here tonight! It made me so happy! We have had a rough time him and I. I wish he would see us more often! It is so hard on the kids not to have him around more, they don't know him as well as they should. I hope and pray that it will change somewhat now, he is getting older and needs his family, even if he does not realize it! I think he was really touched by the little story Emma told him. Evie likes to play with this little pretend cell phone, and she always calls the same person, her Grand-Papa. I think that really moved him, knowing that his grandchildren do think of him.
On another note, I have listed quite a few new things in my Etsy shop, but the traffic seems to have slowed down a little. I really hope it picks back up soon, the Fall season is almost here and there are lots of Ladies looking for fall inspired Jewelry! Since I still need to ship it to you, you might not want to wait too long! Get that jewelry made before fall gets here!

I have a few new Butterfly Pendants that are still fall inspired with their Cocoa brown and cream. I love the butterflies mixed with the architectural details, so much fun! I need to get more filigree so I can wrap a couple of these! I think they would really be stunning!
I have so many I need to list, and I am working on some new styles and sizes. Everything takes time and money, so don't worry, it will come!

I am going to my Friend Susan's wedding tomorrow. She has been with her man for over 16 years!! All I have to say is FINALLY!! And I know for a fact that is exactly what she is thinking too! lol. I am making her jewelry, and since it was a last minute request, I have to find a way to get it to her tomorrow before the ceremony. Good Gracious! That is bound to be stressful!! The Jewelry however will look stunning on her and it will all be worth the wait!

Have a great weekend!!



Lori said...

Oh My gosh, Your girl is beautiful...What a charming picture! Pendants are beautiful as well.... Awesome work!

Regina said...

Happy Birthday Evangeline. I hope you had a wonderful day. Making wedding jewelry in a day, that is a challenge, I hope you post what you made, I know it will be gorgeous. Have a great weekend.

TesoriTrovati said...

Sweet baby girl looking so charming.
That is so cute about her calling her Grand-papa.

And I know that the bride will be stunning. There is no finer accessory than love. (And the blessing of a talented friend).

Enjoy the day, Marie!

Julie said...

Aw, your daughter is so adorable!