Friday, September 3, 2010

Crazy Day!! Fall Foliage Charms

I have to say I have always wanted to feel what I felt yesterday! LOL! I made some special Fall Foliage charms for a lady that was curious about possibly getting some. I made 48 of them. I put them into sets of three and listed Every Single Set yesterday. I had an errand to run and when I came back, there was one left in the shop! I felt giddy! I listed the last few sets and as I was listing, another sale came through! Later on I came back to check and there were three left in my shop! Wow!! That has never happened in my shop before! I am considering making more, but I decided last night to find some images for pendants. I found some, ordered them and I am making the pendants this weekend! I hope these are loved as much as the charms!
 So here is an idea of what I made, listed and sold! I really quite like them! All the bright fall colours and their natural, earthy "look". There are three sets left in the shop and if you really love them I can make more!  I can't promise specific images or paint colours, that would really take too long, and with all the people in this house, I am most likely to get them mixed up!

I burnt the edges for a different effect, they look pretty fantastic! To me at least!
 There is a good selection and I now have a new set of images that will go nicely with these. Keep an eye out for those soon.

As you can see here, I used three fall colours. Russet, Brown and Pine. I love the way they turned out, it's the first time I used any other colour than Drk Brown or black. I have used some pink on Breast Cancer charms, but those were a special order.
So take an eyeful and let me know if you have to have a set! :) Next week I will have the pendants done and will list them. If you become a fan on Facebook, you will be the first to know when I list them, since I always share the listings directly from Etsy!

Today I listed some double sided charms, they are quite eye catching in a totally different way. More  Vintage French. Go have a peak!

Thanks to all my wonderful friends and customers! I would not be here without you! 



Carol B said...

I absolutely love those. I'm running over to your shop now (see me running?).

Carol B said...

Dumb question here. Is there a hole already drilled for a jump ring? thx

Menno Jeweler said...

I'm the curious lady! :-) Aren't you glad I asked you about leaf charms?! And then I haven't even ordered any yet myself! I got hung up on adoring the double sided charms, still need to place my order. Thanks for listening to your customers! Have a good weekend.

Janet said...

Marie thank you for coming to my Giveaway! I didnt know you made such super things?! Your tiles and things are just lovely, and your lampwork Oh My you are talented! I will be following you the Intresting woman you are!

Mellisa said...

Congrats on such a successful sales day! They're lovely, I'm not surprised they flew off the shelf :)

Melissa said...

Love them, gonna have to get some of those!!! Good job Marie!!!

Linda Cain said...

I LOVE them!!!! They're fabulous!

Barbara Lewis said...

These are beautiful! They remind me of raku or ceramic tiles because of their irregular edges and their age look. Great work!

Jan said...

What a wonderful story ... all about flow ... yeah! And, of course, I think that what you've done is divine.

a new fan,

Marie Cramp said...

Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments! I am making a second set this weekend and hope to be able to list them for you on Tuesday! To answer a couple of questions, they are custom drilled, or they can be left as they are. The edges are burnt to give it a different look and they are varnished to make them water resistant.

TesoriTrovati said...

I love the direction you have been taking your art in, Marie. Such a grand sense of style and color. I love these, and I am not surprised that they all sold out!
Enjoy the day!