Monday, September 27, 2010


How Exciting has Sept been!! I have to say, pretty exciting and even more so BUZZY!! Or Busy if you would rather!! lol I have been doing school runs and making lunch early and organizing homework and so on and so on. I know there are many of you out there that have been going through the very same things. Kids are back at school and instead of having a little more time to do things it seems as if things are busier! That's life!!
One of the reasons I am so busy is this little man right here! 4 1/2 year old Noah Cramp!! Handsome fun loving fellow! So affectionate and full of love. He is also a very high strung boy and very active! He started pre-school this year. He is smart enough to be in Grade 1 but obviously too young and not emotionally ready. All I can say, is that I am grateful for the blessings we have been grated concerning him. It was hard to get him into the school {literally} but he is adjusting well and starting to like it! Now he even asks when he gets to go to school next!! Thank You God!! We prayed for this. After trying to get him to visit before school started and having him hang onto my leg with a death grip while screaming and crying, I thought it just was not going to happen. Well, we are on our way!! I love you Noah!

Now we move into the business part of my blog, or the beady part if you will. After all, that is the whole reason you are here right?

I am almost ready to list some new things in my shop. The photos are taken and I just need to find a few moments to start listing. I was hoping to reach 100 sales with my Huge Clearance sale, but I am still 30 away. It's not too late however ;)  I was mostly hoping that I would be able to clear out more of my shop so that I could fill it up with all new stuff! I have some new versions of my very popular charm bracelets made, including the butterfly one in the picture above. I have a blue version of this one as well as the original version that I first listed, but with the word Dance. I will also be listing some new Wire wrapped stone bracelets, I have a few versions and colours coming out that I hope you will enjoy!

This is always my favorite stone to work with. Picasso Jasper in all it's glory!! I will have a few different versions of this one as well as Mookaite and Variscite. I have bracelets and necklaces and I just realized that I should maybe include some earrings to go with I guess you can expect some new earrings too!

I will also be starting to list my "Vintage Romance" collection. I have been working hard on this and hope that it will inspire to shop in my store!! lol Or even inspire you to create something all your own.
This is a peak at one piece in the collection! This piece just shines in Vintaj Brass and purple/pink tones!! It is fun and unique and is begging to be worn! I have other pieces, mostly earrings, but we will save those for the day I start listing!! So while you wait, help me empty my Shop to make room for these new pieces!! You can also go visit my Supply Shop for some more fun stuff! Everything is on sale there too!

I hope you come again soon!



Charis Ramsey said...

Great post!

Spirited Earth said...

cute boy..hope this school year is wonderful for him.
and speaking of wonderful..i love that picasso jasper bracelet.

Menno Jeweler said...

I too LOVE picasso jasper!! Especially in autumn. Nice work!

Menno Jeweler said...

I too LOVE picasso jasper!! Especially in autumn. Nice work!

Cherrie Fick of La Lumie're said...

I love your new work. Every piece is really lovely. I have done my part to help you get ready for the next step. You know I love working with you. Your little boy will enjoy school once he make his buddies. Cherrie said...

Way to keep your mama on her toes, Noah!

I love the woodsy theme of the first pieces and the romance of the third.
beautiful work, Marie!

Robin M of Doylestown said...

I love picasso jasper too, and made earrings with a Vintaj leaf dangling from the bottom of a small eye-shaped picasso jasper bead. PS hope you feel better soon!