Tuesday, January 10, 2012

FEELING my New Pieces!

I swear it feels like forever since I was really Feeling what I was making! Having so many shows at Christmas, I was creating things I really liked, but not as much "felt"! You know what I mean? I love what I do and would not give it up, but sometimes you need a break and after, things work much better!
 This is my favorite new piece! My heart was beating harder when I was making it! I could "feel" that it was going to be a great piece! I am sooo happy with it! I listed it on my website, but it may be hard to send it off if it gets purchased! lol
 I was hanging onto this Vintaj Medallion for awhile. It just needed to speak to me! The focal bead is greener than on my monitor, it's almost emerald! So beautiful!
 I have always loved long "gypsy" like dangles. These really reflect that love! Smaller than most of this style, they still have that elegant, free spirit feel to them!
 I had a few of these Floral pieces from Round Rabbit. I am slowly letting inspiration take me to where it needs to in creating anything with them. They are so lovely, I will miss them when they are gone!
I know this piece will not last long, every time I make something this nice in blue, it's the first thing to go! lol I used Swarovski crystals on this one with the rest being Vintaj!

I am looking forward to making more pieces with "feeling" in the next few months. I hope to do more markets this year, but not as many as last year. As soon as my Hubby finds a job, things will slow down for me, and I look forward to it!

 Earrings in the top post have little bird charms by Lisa Boucher... find her on Facebook and on Etsy :)  She has some great new stuff in there right now!


Martha said...

I love your new pieces, especially those gypsy earrings!

Patti Van said...

Each piece is more beautiful than the last! I do know what you mean about "feel"...I love it when that happens!

Clayworks by Lisa Boucher said...

Really beautiful Marie! Love what you did with the little turquoise birds. All of your work is lovely as always. :) Great colors.

Sharyl said...

I love that last necklace with the blue pendant, the crystals, and the Vintaj leaves and pieces. I'm sure you are right about it getting "snatched up!" It IS such a great blue and such a nice design!

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

I can really see your connection to these pieces Marie. There is definitely a voice that is being spoken and I can see why you say you can 'feel' them. Hope this year brings you many more of these design epiphanies.