Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shop Updates Everywhere!!

It took me most of the day so far to update all those shops! I added more ephemera charms and pendants to my Supply shop. I added some new pieces of jewelry to my Jewelry shop and I added a few more pieces of jewelry to my Website!
I have 53 new pieces and sets in my supply shop for you to choose from. I hope you take a moment to check it out!
Something romantic or earthy or eclectic, it's all there! Have a look!
Here is an old world style necklace. Almost looks like and artifact! Love this pendant by Nan Emmett of Spirited Earth!
The top necklace is a limited edition piece with one of my Ephemera beads! Very time consuming, but a simple and easy gift ;)
This last piece was inspired by my friend Donna who made an amazing bracelet! You can see it in her shop Stranded Beads.
The wings in this pendant are outstanding! I am totally in love with it! It is a piece by Martha Eason of Menagerie Studio. She has some amazing pieces!
These delicate little treasures are on my Website. Made with lampwork by Sue Beads and Vintaj.
I made these big bobbles for fun! They really catch the light! The picture does not do it justice! I put these in my Etsy shop. You will have to have a look yourself and see what else I added in there!

Have fun shopping!



Donna Bradley said...

Thank you, thank you for mentioning my shop and bracelet! Your new pieces are beautiful - as always!!

Gold Charm said...

very pretty earrings small and colorful.I like minimilistic earrings for casual wear just like these.

Lori Anderson said...

I'd love to play with some of your beads!

Rachel said...

I am inspired. I have planned to make jewelry all weekend and your use of colors is getting me excited to finish my computer work so I can start. Thank you for sharing. The key pendant necklace is my favorite. I love the use of the stones and accent beads.