Saturday, January 7, 2012

A New Thing, for a New Year!!

I sat listening to Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years" over and over again while I was making these. She has to be my favorite new artist out there right now. I really FEEL her words!
 These are my new Interchangeable earrings. I was just thinking to myself how nice it is to be able to change things up on occasion, so this come with that thought.
I have made a few different colours and have listed them on my Skye Jewels website. I am thinking I am going to make a real effort to work on my website more this year. I am not closing Etsy, I just need a change.
 Love the mix of browns and topaz in these ones. I think they would look good with my new haircut ;) lol
 Last but not least, my favorite green!! You could wear these with just the pearls or just the crystals. You could take one crystal off for a little simpler style, or even just wear one Crystal! I really love the way they look, and I hope they sell, telling me you all like them too!



Monica said...

I like your jobs... and i follow you!!! See you soon!

Sharyl said...

I bought some of these extra large kidney wires recently too, and aren't they great?! I like your idea here; the pearl and crystal combos look fantastic and all the nicer that you can change the dangles to suit. Great idea! --Sharyl

Patti Van said...

Great use of kidney ear wires! And, I love your color combos!

Roxi said...

Gorgeous earrings! Perfect for those days you want a little bling or a lot. ;)

Michele of By Your Side said...

I love all of them, simply stunning!