Friday, July 3, 2009

"Golden Sun"

Summer is my favorite time of year. I love the sun, the heat and the colours. I love not having to wear all those layers, I love how there is less laundry and I love being able to eat outside. I love that my birthday is in the summer, I love driving with the windows rolled down and I love going on bike rides to Fish Creek Park.

I try to take all my photos outside if I can, the natural backgrounds I feel add lot to my jewelry pieces and my handmade cards. Now I have mentioned on a couple of previous posts, that I am not much of a photographer. I think these turned out ok ;)

I ordered a whole bunch of wonderful things from a new blogging friend of mine LeAnn Weih of "SummersStudio". How appropriate considering my previous ramblings that her name has the word summer in it. This is one of her shield pendants. I love the floral textures on it and had fun adding the Rhyolite nuggets to the brass chain and links as well as the tiny jasper beads at the base of the pendant. I am not sure if this one is going to end up in my Etsy shop yet, I quite like it. If I start to keep everything I won't have anything to sell!
Thanks LeAnn, for your inspiration and friendship.



sharon said...

Very pretty Marie, I love the wrappings on the dangles!

sharon said...

And I like your background a lot!

SummersStudio said...

Beautiful Marie! Like Sharon, I like the dangles wrapping. Well done!

Funny story. Summers in Summers Studio is my husbands last name. No one can pronoune or spell my own. But everyone thinks of the season, which I am quite chuffed about.

Erin said...

Beautiful job on this necklace, Marie! You did a great job enhancing Leanne's pendant.

Anamir said...

Hi there!

...want to tell you that I just love this necklace. Very, very beautiful!!