Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Something new!!!

I have wanted to try making these for awhile. I finally just sat down and did it. The top one is the first one I made. I wanted to do something simple, but with a punch of colour. My best friend likes pink and since I was making it for her, well need I say more. She liked so I am happy. She does not wear jewelry normally so I have been looking to find something to make for her. She loves to read so this was just perfect. It just suddenly popped into my head while she was visiting me today.

The bookmark is an antique brass finish with wire wrapped Ruby crazy lace Agate. Fun and funky :)
Here is a close up. You can really see the detail clearly in this picture. I think I even did an okay job with the photos this time. But I think my favorite part is? The wire wrapping.
This next one is made of copper. I attached a lampwork bead with a nice bead cap and for fun added a cute little brass key under it.
Obviously this last picture is an example of what to do with a book mark. lol. Like you could not have figured it out. right? I am off to bed, I am nodding off here.
Goodnight...until next time


sharon said...

I just looooove these Marie, especially the last one!!! I think you did a great job!

SueBeads said...


mairedodd said...

very cute... and they always make gift giving a little more personal - i love to give books or b&n gift cards... and that's just a nice touch...

Cindy said...

Hi Marie
I agree with Sharon, my favorite is the last one. They are all so pretty and useful..something I'd like to try sometime too. :-)

Tiffany said...

I LOVE making bookmarks! Do you sell yours?